Viewing and managing runs

You use the Tonic Validate application to view the results of each run.

If you use the Ragas integration, tonic_ragas_logger, then each upload of Ragas results is displayed as a run in Validate.

Displaying the details for a run

From the run list on the project details page, to display the run results, click the run.

The run details provide details about the run questions and scores. It also provides access to delete the run.

The run details replace the project overview with the metrics, chart, and questions. To return to the overview, click Show Project Overview.

Overview tab

The Overview tab summarizes the scores for the questions.

Average overall score and metrics scores

The tiles at the top of the Overview tab show the average overall score and metrics scores from across the entire run.

Score and metrics summary graphs

Below the composite scores are bar graphs for the overall score and the metrics scores.

For each range of score values in the x-axis, the graph displays the number of questions that received scores that fall within that range.

Scores tab

The Scores tab provides a spreadsheet list of the run questions and their overall and metrics scores.

You can sort the list by any of the columns. To sort by a selected column, click the column heading. To reverse the sort, click the heading again.

Metadata tab

The Metadata tab provides any metadata that was provided when the run was started.

Questions & Answers tab

The Questions & Answers tab provides a detailed list of questions that were included in the run.

For each question, the list includes:

  • The text of the question.

  • The reference answer - this is the answer that you expected.

  • The answer that your LLM provided.

  • The context that the LLM used to answer the question.

  • The overall and metrics scores for the question.

Here is a full question entry from the Questions & Answers tab:

Deleting a run

To delete a run:

  1. In the run details heading, click Delete.

  2. On the confirmation panel, click Delete.

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