Structural Cloud checklist

Here are some items to be aware of if your organization uses Structural Cloud.

Structural Cloud locations

We host instances of Structural Cloud in the following AWS Regions:

  • us-east-2 - US East (Ohio)

  • eu-central-1 - Europe (Frankfurt)

We can add additional Regions by request.

Structural Cloud security

For details about security in Structural Cloud, go to the Structural Cloud section of the Tonic Security site.

Structural access to database servers

If you allowlist access to your databases, then you add the Structural static IP addresses to your allowlist.

Source and destination databases

Source databases contain the original data for Structural data generation or data science mode. For Structural data generation, Structural writes the transformed data to a destination database.

Overview for database administrators contains an overview of the requirements for Structural source and destination databases.

Account Admin assignment

At least one account in your organization needs to be granted the built-in Account Admin global permission set, so that you can manage organization users and download the usage report.

By default, the first account in an organization is granted the Account Admin permission set. They can then grant the Account Admin permission set to other users in the organization.

For more information, go to Granting Account Admin access for a Structural Cloud organization.

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