About the workspace management view

You use the workspace management view to configure and run data generation for an individual workspace.

When you log in to Tonic Structural, it displays the workspace management view for the workspace that was selected when you logged out.

Components of the workspace management view

The workspace management view includes the following components.

Workspace information

The top left of the workspace management view provides information about the workspace, including:

  • The workspace name

  • When the workspace was last updated

  • The user who last updated the workspace

  • Whether the workspace is a child workspace

Workspace options

The top right of the workspace management view provides general options for working with the workspace, including:

Workspace navigation bar

The workspace navigation bar provides access to workspace configuration options.

Displaying the workspace management view

To display the workspace management view for a workspace:

  • On Workspaces view, in the Name column either:

    • Click the workspace name. The workspace management view opens to Privacy Hub.

    • Click the dropdown icon, then select a workspace management option.

  • Click the search field at the top. A list of available type the name of the workspace. As you type, Tonic displays a list of matching workspaces. In the list, click the workspace name.

Collapsing and expanding the workspace heading

To reduce the amount of vertical space used by the heading of the workspace management view, you can collapse it.

To collapse the heading, click the collapse icon in the Structural heading.

When you collapse the workspace management heading:

  • The workspace information is hidden. The workspace name is displayed in the search field.

  • The workspace options are moved up into the Structural heading.

The workspace navigation bar remains visible.

When you collapse the heading, the collapse icon changes to an expand icon. To restore the full heading, click the expand icon.

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