Passthrough (PassthroughGenerator)

The Passthrough generator is the default. It passes through the value from the source database to the destination database without masking it.

You do not usually retrieve or provide a replacement that assigns the Passthrough generator to a column. You might specifically assign the Passthrough as a sub-generator for a composite generator.

When you use the GET api/Workspace/{workspace ID}/replacements/{schema}/{table} to get the column configuration for a table, columns that are assigned Passthrough are not included in the results.

For the PUT /api/Workspace/{workspaceId}/update_replacements/{schema}/{table} endpoint, which replaces the configuration for an entire table, any column that is not included in the message body is automatically assigned Passthrough.

To revert an individual column to Passthrough, you use the DELETE api/Workspace/{workspace ID}/replacement/{replacement ID} endpoint to remove the replacement that contains the column configuration.

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