Deploying on Kubernetes with Helm


A Tonic Helm chart is located at:
To make future updates easier, fork this repository.
The repository readme includes more detail on how to set the required and optional configuration parameters.
During the onboarding period, you are provided access credentials to our image repository. If you require new credentials, or you experience issues accessing the repository, contact [email protected] to get access to our docker repository.



To deploy and validate access to Tonic, follow the instructions in the repository readme.


Tonic notifies you when the current version is more than 10 versions behind the most recent release. The notification is on the System Status tab of Tonic Settings view.
To get the latest Tonic version, users with the Update Tonic global permission can use the in-app update feature. Alternatively, if you need to specify a particular version of Tonic to use, set tonicVersion, then run the following:
$ helm upgrade <name_of_release> -n <namespace_name> <path-to-helm-chart>
When you make changes to your deployment with Helm, if your tonicVersion tag is latest, make sure that you update all of your individual pods/containers to the same version.