Table View
The Table View shows a preview of all data transformations applied to a single table. This view has most of the same capabilities as the Database View, but you're only operating on one table at a time. This view is best for quickly getting visibility into the shape of your data and linking multiple columns to capture implicit relationships.
Table View is broken into the following primary sections:
  1. 1.
    The model section that shows all of the transformations applied to the current table
  2. 3.
    Data preview that shows a sample of 100 rows from the current table and permits you to add or modify a generator for each column


Every generator or group of linked generators appears as its own card (1). The title (2) of each card is the name of the column (or columns) affected by this group. The card contains details on both the generator (3) applied to each column, the options (4) for this generator, and a quick way to remove this generator (5). When a generator is applied to a column it creates a new card, if one or more columns are linked they are grouped into the same card (6).

Table-level operations

The bar above the Data Preview are all operations that apply to the entire table. Starting with the dropdown selector (1), witch allows you to quickly switch between tables. The Table Filter (2) lets you define the where part of a query to limit the preview of data to specific rows. Note that this has no effect on the generated data, this only effects the data displayed in Data Preview. The Table Mode (3) dropdown lets you switch between masking, synthesized, truncated, and preserve modes. The Preview (4) toggle switched between showing untransformed data and data with all the generators/transformations applied (default).

Data preview

Each column in the Data Preview section has an icon (1) associated with the data type (key = primary or foreign key, "A" some type of character field, "123" a numerical field, etc.). You can quickly see which columns have a generator applied by the light orange fill in the column header (2). You can add or modify a generator by clicking on the down chevron (3).