Configuring access to global permission sets

Required license: Enterprise

Required global permission:

  • Manage access to Tonic and to any workspace

  • View organization users. This permission is only required for the Tonic Structural application. It is not needed when you use the Structural API.

From the Global Permission Sets list, you can grant or revoke access to a global permission set. Global permission sets can be assigned to individual users and to SSO groups.

Access to workspace permission sets is managed from Workspaces view. For more information, go to Assigning workspace permission sets.

You cannot change the assignment of the following global permission sets:

Before you assign a global permission set to an SSO group, make sure that you are aware of who is in the group. The permissions that are granted to an SSO group automatically are granted to all of the users in the group. For information on how to configure Structural to filter the allowed SSO groups, go to Synchronizing SSO groups with Tonic Structural.

To manage the permission set assignment:

  1. On the Global Permission Sets list, for the permission set to manage, click Manage Access.

  2. To grant access to a user or group:

    1. Begin to type the user or group name.

    2. In the list of matching users or groups, click the user or group name.

  3. To remove access from a user or group, click Undo for that user or group.

  4. To save the changes to the permission set access, click Save.

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