Transferring ownership of a workspace

Required permission

  • Global permission: View organization users. This permission is only required for the Tonic Structural application. It is not needed when you use the Structural API.

  • Either:

    • Workspace permission: Transfer workspace ownership

    • Global permission: Manage access to Tonic and to any workspace

To grant yourself access after the transfer:

  • Workspace permission: Share workspace access

Every workspace has an owner. The owner is always a user.

The user who creates the workspace is automatically the owner of the workspace.

By default, the workspace owner is assigned the built-in Manager workspace permission set. On Enterprise instances, you can choose a different workspace permission set to assign to all workspace owners.

You cannot remove that permission set from the workspace owner.

You can transfer a workspace to a different owner. The new owner is assigned the owner permission set. If the previous owner does not otherwise have access to the owner permission set, then that permission set is removed.

To transfer workspace ownership:

  1. To transfer ownership of a single workspace, from the workspace actions menu, select Transfer Ownership.

  2. To transfer ownership of multiple workspaces:

    1. Check the checkbox for each workspace to grant access to.

    2. From the Actions menu, select Transfer Ownership.

  3. On the transfer ownership panel, from the User dropdown list, select the new owner.

  4. If you are the current owner of the workspace, then to grant yourself non-owner access after you transfer the ownership:

    1. Toggle Receive access to workspace to the on position.

    2. Select the workspace permission set to assign to yourself.

  5. Click Transfer Ownership.

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