About the Tonic API

The Tonic API is a REST API that allows you perform Tonic tasks.

Basic and advanced APIs

Basic API

The basic API is available with the Basic and Professional licenses.
It allows you to perform most API tasks. However, you cannot use the basic API to configure table modes and generators.

Advanced API

The advanced API requires an Enterprise license and allows you to perform all API tasks.
You can use the advanced API to configure table modes and generators.

No guarantee of backward compatibility

We do not guarantee API backward compatibility.
To see the exact endpoints and parameters for your version, see the Swagger API documentation for that version.

Viewing generated API documentation

For the Tonic API, there is generated Swagger documentation that provides details about the API endpoints and models.

Self-hosted instances

For self-hosted instances, the API documentation is bundled with the instance. The API documentation is specific to that version of Tonic.
The generated API documentation is located at <instance URL>/apidocs/index.html.
To display the API documentation for a self-hosted instance, click the actions menu at the top right, then select API Documentation.

Tonic Cloud

For Tonic Cloud, the generated API documentation is at
The API Documentation option in the actions menu is linked to that URL.
This API documentation is for the current version of Tonic Cloud.