Creating a custom generator preset

To create a new generator preset, use:

POST api/Presets

In the request, you provide a preset object with the details for the new generator preset.

The following example preset object creates a generator preset for the Name generator. This version of the Name generator is intended for values in the format Last Name, First Name. For example, Smith, John. It preserves capitalization and is not consistent.

  name: "Name - Last Name, First Name"
  description: "Use for values in the format Last Name, First Name."
  generatorId: "NameGenerator"
  "metadata": {
    "links": {
      "metadata": {
        "nameType": "LastCommaFirstName",
        "preserveCapitalization": true,
        "isConsistent": false  

For a successful request, the response contains the full generator preset details, including the identifier of the new generator preset.

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