Connecting to Databricks

How to connect Tonic to your Databricks Cluster in AWS

Connecting to Databricks

Create a new workspace and select Databricks from the Connection dropdown.

Creating a new Databricks workspace

You'll need to provide the following information.

Source Database

The name of the database containing the tables you would like to mask.

Output Database

The name of the database where your tables containing obfuscated data will be written. Note that when you run a job Tonic will DROP all tables from the output database. EXTERNAL tables in your output database will retain their data stored on the external filesystem (e.g. S3), however, MANAGED tables will have all of their data deleted.

Databricks Cluster

Connecting to your Databricks cluster

The API Token can be generate by following the instructions here, from Databricks website. The host url, HTTP path, and port can all be found in the JDBC/ODBC section under the 'Advanced Options' for your cluster. Below, you'll find more detailed instructions taken from here.

Information on how to gather JDBC/ODBC information