Viewing previous subsetting data generation runs

The Configuration tab displays the results of the most recent subsetting run, as well as the subsetting configuration that was in place during each run. You can use the Previous Subsetting Runs tab to view details for any of the previous 100 subsetting runs.

You can use information about previous runs to see how changes to the subsetting configuration affect the subset results.

Selecting the run to view

From the Select a previous subset run dropdown list, select the subsetting run to display the details for.

The runs are identified by the run date and time.

Information displayed for the selected run

The details for a selected run include the following:

  • A summary of the run results.

  • Details about the subsetting configuration that was in place at the time of the run.

Summary of the run results

The panel at the left of the tab summarizes the results of the selected run. The run summary includes the following:

  • The status of the run (successful, failed, canceled).

  • The amount of time it took to complete the run.

  • For successful runs:

    • The percentage of source data included in the destination database

    • The volume of data in the source database

    • The volume of data in the destination database

To display the job details for the run, click View Job Details.

Subsetting configuration

The subsetting configuration reflects the configuration that was in place at the time of the selected run. It is read-only. To make adjustments to the subsetting configuration, return to the Configuration tab.

Previous Subsetting Runs only displays Table View.

The panels above the table list show the number of target tables, lookup tables, related tables, and out-of-subset tables.

For each table, the list indicates whether the table is in the subset. It identifies the target and lookup tables. To view the subset configuration for an individual table, click the row.

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