Updating generator configurations

Requires the advanced Tonic API. The advanced API requires an Enterprise license.

Getting the generator configuration for a table

To get the current generator configuration for a table, use:
The message body contains a set of replacement objects for the table columns that have an assigned generator other than Passthrough. Columns that are assigned the Passthrough generator are not included in the results.

Replacing the generator configuration for a table

By default, columns are assigned the Passthrough generator, which copies the data as is from the source database to the destination database.
To specify and configure the assigned generators for columns in a table, use:
Note that when you use this endpoint, you must always specify the configuration for all of the columns in the table for which to override the default Passthrough generator.
The request replaces all of the current column configuration in the table with the configuration that is in the request.
For columns that are not in the request, the assigned generator reverts to Passthrough.

Updating a single generator configuration

To update a single generator configuration, use:
The message body is a single replacement object. You must provide the entire replacement.
For linked columns, the replacement includes the configuration for all of the columns.
For a composite generator, the replacement includes the link objects for all of the sub-generators.

Removing the generator configuration for a column

When you remove a replacement, the column reverts to the Passthrough generator. To remove a replacement, use:
If the replacement contains linked columns, then all of those columns revert to the Passthrough generator. To restore the configuration for any of the columns, you must create a new replacement.