Getting started with Tonic

Set up an account and create your first Tonic workspace

Logging in to Tonic for the first time

When you go to Tonic for the first time, you create an account. How you create an account depends on the type of user you are.
A new Tonic user can be one of the following:

New user starting a free trial

To start a new free trial of Tonic, on the Tonic web site, click Start a Free Trial.
On the Create your account dialog, to create an account, either:
  • To use a corporate Google email address to create the account, click Create account using Google.
  • To create a new Tonic account, enter your name, email address, and Tonic password, then click Create Account. You can use a public email address for a free trial account.
Account creation form to create a free trial account
Tonic sends an activation link to your email address.
After you activate your account and log in, Tonic next prompts you to select the use case that best matches why you are exploring Tonic. If none of the provided use cases fits, use the Other option to tell us about your use case.
Use case selection for a free trial account
After you select a use case, click Next. Tonic guides you through the creation of your first workspace. For use cases other than Machine learning / data science, you create a data generation workspace. For the Machine learning / data science use case, you create a data science mode workspace.

New user on a self-hosted instance

If your company has a self-hosted Tonic instance that is installed on-premises, then you navigate to the Tonic URL for that instance.
Your self-hosted instance might be configured to use single sign-on for Tonic access. If so, then from the Tonic login page, to create your Tonic user account, click the single sign-on option.
Otherwise, to create your Tonic user account, click Create Account.
Your administrator can provide the URL for your Tonic instance and confirm the instructions for creating your user account.
When you create the account, the Tonic application opens to the New Workspace view so that you can create your first workspace.

New user on Tonic Cloud

If your company uses Tonic Cloud, then to set up an account for a new user, contact Tonic support.
The first time you log in, Tonic Cloud opens to the New Workspace view so that you can create your first workspace.

Next steps for free trial users

Tonic tracks and displays the amount of time remaining in your free trial. It also provides links to request a demonstration and contact support.
When the free trial period ends, you can continue to use Tonic for configuration. You can no longer generate data or train models.
Contact Tonic to discuss purchasing a Tonic license.