Monitoring Tonic services

The System Status tab on the Admin Panel displays the list of Tonic services that run on your Tonic instance. These services include:
  • Tonic web server
  • Tonic workers
  • Tonic PII detection
  • Tonic machine learning
  • Tonic notifications
  • Tonic application database, if the database is deployed in a Docker container
For each service, the list includes
  • Name of the service
  • The current status of the service. The status indicates whether the service is currently running. If it is running, then the status information includes the amount of time that the service has been running.
You can sort the list by either the service name or status. To sort by a column, click the column header. To reverse the sort order, click the column header again.
From the service list, you can download the service logs. To download the logs, click the Download Logs button for the service.