Viewing the subset creation steps

The Subset Steps tab outlines the steps that Tonic Structural uses to create the subset based on the current configuration.

The steps include the processing of the target, lookup, and related tables. However, the list is not necessarily a one-to-one correspondence with the in-subset tables. A table might appear in multiple steps in order to satisfy referential integrity.

The steps do not include the out-of-subset tables.

Each step includes:

Action Step and Table Name

Identifies the table, and indicates whether the table is a target table or a lookup table.


For target tables and lookup tables, Status is Direct. This indicates that the subsetting process pulls data directly from the table. For target tables, this is based on the percentage or WHERE clause. For lookup tables, the subsetting process copies the entire table. For related tables, the status is either Downstream or Upstream.

Contributing Tables

For related tables, the Contributing Tables column indicates the number of tables that affect the data that Structural pulls from the table. To display the contributing tables and how the current table is affected by those tables, click the information icon.

Source/Destination Rows

The number of rows in the source data and in the subset. For tables that contain fewer than 1,000 rows, the pre-subset value is <1k. Before you run the data generation, the number of rows in the subset is unknown. Otherwise, the number reflects the results of the most recent data generation.

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