Tracking user access and permissions

Tonic Structural provides an API endpoint to track the following events related to user access and permissions:

  • A user account is created.

  • A user account is removed.

  • A user logs in to Structural.

  • A permission is added to or removed from a permission set.

  • A permission set is assigned to or removed from a user. This might be a global permission set, or a workspace permission set in the context of a specific workspace.

  • A generator preset is added, updated, or removed.

To request the access and permission events, use the following endpoint:

GET /api/audit-events/search

The returned event details include:

  • When the event occurred.

  • The type of event.

  • Whether the event succeeded or failed.

  • The Structural user who was affected by the action.

  • Other details about the event.

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