Sharing a workspace
Collaborating with other users to make a workspace that satisfies everyone's needs.
To share your workspace with other users, open the sharing dialog by clicking on the 'Share Workspace' button next to the workspace drop down.
The workspace sharing dialog allows you to share your workspace with new users and edit the permission levels of users that already have access to your workspace.
Each access level comes with its own set of abilities. Keep these in mind when choosing how much access to grant a user.
Note: Granular role-based access beyond Editor is limited to enterprise license tier. Please contact Sales to enable.

Access levels

Tonic grants users permissions for the workspace based on their role:
  • Owner
  • Editor
  • Auditor
  • Viewer
The capabilities of each access level are:
View Schema and Applied Generators
View Subset Configuration
View Privacy Hub Audit Trail
View Schema Change Warnings
View Data
View Privacy Hub Unprotected Columns
Edit Applied Generators
Edit Subset Configuration
Resolve Schema Change Warnings
Import/Export Workspaces
Share Workspaces
Run Privacy Scan
Generate Data
View Connection Information
Edit Connection Information
Copy Workspace
Rename Workspace
Delete Workspace
Copy link