About Tonic
Welcome to Tonic
Tonic is a SaaS synthetic data platform that solves the complex tension between data governance and convenient data access by allowing anyone to create safe, secure versions of their most important datasets. Tonic combines PII detection, statistical data modeling, and self-service data transformations to allow everyone from security professionals to software engineers to create compliant, portable datasets.
Synthetic data empowers users with a myriad of capabilities such as creating staging and development environments, trying out a new cloud provider without complex data agreements, and unleashing data science teams.
With Tonic's comprehensive APIs, you can easily integrate with CI/CD pipelines or create automated processes to ensure data is available on demand.
We look forward to showing you how our customers reduce bug counts, shorten testing life cycles, and share data with partners, all while ensuring security and compliance with the latest regulations, from GDPR to CCPA.

Tonic platform

Tonic can be deployed on-premises or used through our secure hosted environment.
At a high level, Tonic connects to your source database and gives you tools to create a safe, shareable version of your dataset in a lower environment.
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