Tonic User Guide

The Tonic platform creates safe, realistic datasets to use in staging environments or for local development. It includes a web application and API that can be used by engineers, data analysts, or security experts.
Tonic connects to source databases that contain sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI). To protect that data, Tonic transforms the sensitive values and writes the transformed data to a destination database.
Data flow from the source database through Tonic to the destination database
New to Tonic? Review the Tonic workflow overview. Go to Getting started with Tonic for information on how to create a Tonic account and start a Tonic free trial.
Want to know what's in the latest Tonic releases? Go to the Tonic release notes.
The Tonic application heading includes a feature updates icon, which displays a summary of the newest features, including a link to the Tonic release notes.
Feature updates icon

Connect to your data

Configure and generate transformed data

Manage a self-hosted Tonic instance

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