Managing admin users
On-prem customers can create admin users to manage their Tonic instance. Admin privileges should be limited to a small number of high trust users.
Administrators have the following abilities:
  • Access the Admin Panel to:
    • Manage the Tonic instance, including to Update to the newest version of Tonic
    • View all Tonic users and manage Admin Users
    • View summary usage metrics for your Tonic instance
  • View and share all created workspaces

Setting up admin users

Set up new admin users by adding variables to your environment configuration.
Configured Admins will see an Admin badge in the app next to their name in the top right menu.
Note: These users do not have to exist in the app at the time of environment configuration, and will not be created as app users during Admin configuration. When users with these emails are created in the app, they will be granted Admin access.

Docker Deployments

Update your .env file to include the email(s) of the Tonic users who should be given administrator access.
Note: The docker-compose.yaml should contain the TONIC_ADMINISTRATORS variable within the tonic_web_server configuration block. If not, please pull the newest version.

Kubernetes Deployments

In the values.yaml file edit the administrators line to include the email(s) of the Tonic users who should be given administrator access.
Note: Ensure you have the required version of the Helm charts by confirming the values.yaml contains the administrators line. The tonic-web-server-deployment.yaml should contain the block around the TONIC_ADMINISTRATORS variable. If not, please pull the newest version from our Github repo.

Admin Panel

Admins can access the Admin Panel from the top right user menu:
The Admin Panel contains:
  • Summary usage statistics for the Tonic instance
  • Tonic Admins list (Additional admins can be added or removed)
  • Tonic Users List
  • Controls to update Tonic Version

Admin view of the workspaces list

In the Workspaces view, admins will see all workspaces in the instance, whether they have permissions on the workspace or not. Workspaces that the admin has not joined are grayed out, with no role listed, and not available for navigation.
Separately from workspaces they own or have been shared, admins can take action on workspaces:
  • View workspace summary details
  • Copy workspace ID
  • Share workspace, including with themselves
  • Transfer ownership of a workspace
  • Copy workspace