Setting up and managing a Structural Cloud pay-as-you-go subscription

The Tonic Structural Cloud pay-as-you-go subscription plan allows you to set up a regular monthly credit card payment for a Structural account. integrates with payment processing solution to manage the payments.

The pay-as-you-go subscription grants a Structural Professional license.

With this plan, you can configure generators for up to 20 tables across all of your workspaces. If you exceed the limit, charges a flat fee per month for each additional table. bills you separately for the additional tables.

Setting up the subscription

A Structural Cloud pay-as-you-go subscription is set up from a Structural free trial.

As the free trial comes to a close, Structural provides a prompt to either purchase a pay-as-you-go license or to contact to discuss purchasing a standard Structural license.

The Purchase License prompt is linked to the payment processing solution, where you provide the payment details and confirm the purchase.

After you start the account, the Billing tab on Tonic Settings indicates the next renewal date.

Updating the payment information

Only the user who set up the account can update the payment information. Other users from the same email domain can only view the renewal date.

Access is not based on a global permission.

From the Billing tab, to update your payment information:

  1. Click Manage Subscription.

  2. In the payment processing solution, provide the updated payment details.

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