Adjusting the column types

In the query results, the column headings include the identified column type. The training process uses numeric, categorical, and location columns in the training process.

  • Numeric columns contain a number value.

  • Categorical columns contain a specific set of values. For example, a categorical column might identify the marital status of a person represented in the data.

  • Location columns identify a physical location. For example, a location column might contain a zip code or a city name.

Tonic Structural assigns initial types when it runs the query. Typically:

  • String columns are assigned as categorical.

  • Numeric columns are assigned as numeric.

  • Datetime value columns are assigned as datetime. Ideally, in your SQL query you converted datetime values to a numeric representation of time such as epoch time. The columns are then assigned as numeric.

You can make adjustments to these assignments. For example:

  • A numeric column might actually be an enum, which would make it a categorical column.

  • A city name might be designated categorical, but is actually a location.

To change the designation of a column:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the current type.

  2. From the popup menu, select the type.

For columns other than numeric columns, you can designate the column as a categorical column or a location column.

For numeric columns, you can also restore the column type to numeric.

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