Creating a model configuration

Required workspace permission: Configure, train, and export models

To create a model configuration, you can either create a completely new configuration or make a copy of an existing configuration.

Creating a completely new model configuration

From the Models view, to create a new model configuration, click Create Model.

The model configuration page displays. From the model configuration page, you:

  1. In the Model Name field, set the model name. The model name cannot contain spaces.

  2. In the Model Description field, provide a longer description of the model.

Before you can save the new model configuration, you must provide a name and a SQL query.

To save the model configuration, click Save.

To return to the Models view, click All Models.

Copying an existing model configuration

You can use an existing model as the basis for a new model configuration.

When you copy a model, the new model only inherits the configuration. It does not inherit any training results. The model is not trained.

To create a copy of an existing model configuration:

  1. On the Models view, click the actions icon (...) for the model configuration to copy.

  2. In the actions menu, click Copy.

  3. On the Copy Model dialog, enter a name for the new model.

  4. Click Copy.

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