Viewing the list of models

The Models view lists the current models in the workspace. To display the Models view, in the workspace navigation bar, click Models.

Information in the model list

For each model, the model list provides the following information:

  • Model identifier.

  • Model name.

  • Model type, which indicates whether the model contains event data.

  • Training status.

    For a model that was never trained, the status is No jobs run. Otherwise, the training status indicates the number of training jobs that are running, queued, and completed.

  • The date and time when the model was most recently trained.

From the model list, you can:

  • View model details.

  • Edit a model configuration.

  • Copy a model configuration.

  • Delete a model configuration.

  • Train a model.

Filtering and sorting the list

You can use the model name to filter or sort the list. You can also sort the list based on the model type.

To filter the list, in the search field, type text that is in the model name.

To sort the list, click the column heading of the Model Name or Type column. To reverse the order of the sort, click the column heading again.

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