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Data science mode prerequisites

Before you can train a data science model, you must complete the following required tasks. These tasks are required for both Tonic Cloud and for self-hosted Tonic instances.

Installing the data science library

The Tonic data science library provides Python libraries that allow you to use tools such as Jupyter Notebook to sample and train your data models.
To install the data science library on your system, run the following command from your terminal:
pip install tonic-api tonic-reporting
For details about the Python libraries, see:
  • tonic-api - Allows you to access and sample trained models.
  • tonic-reporting - Allows you to assess the fidelity and privacy of a trained model.

Generating an API token

To train a data science model, you must have a Tonic API token.
For details on how to generate an API token, go to Getting an API token.
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