Managing generator presets

The generator preset feature requires an Enterprise license. Users in instances that have a Basic or Professional license select and configure generators separately for each column.
Generator presets also are not supported on Tonic Cloud.
A generator preset is a saved configuration for a generator.
Tonic provides a built-in preset for every generator. You can update the configuration of the built-in presets.
Generator presets allow you to standardize the configuration for generators, and saves your users from having to replicate the same configuration selections across different columns, tables, and workspaces. For example, you might modify the generator preset for the Integer Key generator to enable consistency. Whenever a user assigns the Integer Key generator to a column, consistency is enabled.
For information about assigning and updating generator presets for a column, see Assigning and configuring generators.

Viewing the list of presets

The Generator Presets view contains the list of built-in generator presets for the entire Tonic instance. The configured presets are not specific to a workspace or a user.
To display the Generator Presets view, in the Tonic heading, click Generator Presets.
Generator Presets view

Information in the generator preset list

For each generator preset, the list provides the following information:
  • The name of the generator preset. For the built-in presets, the generator preset name always matches the generator name.
  • When the preset configuration was most recently modified.
  • The user who most recently modified the preset configuration.
You cannot configure the generator preset in the following cases:
  • Composite generators
  • Generators that do not have any configuration options. For example, the Null generator does not have any configuration options.
The list indicates when a generator does not allow you to configure a preset.

Filtering and sorting the generator preset list

To search for the preset for a specific generator, begin typing the generator name.
Generator Presets view with a filter applied
You can sort the preset list by any of the columns.

Updating a generator preset

To edit a preset, you must be either an editor or owner of at least one workspace in the Tonic instance. If you are not an editor or owner of a workspace, then you can view the list of presets, but you cannot edit the presets.
When you change the configuration of a generator preset, the updated configuration becomes the new baseline configuration for the generator preset.
The baseline configuration is used whenever you select the generator preset. Existing occurrences of the generator preset keep their current configuration. You can reset those occurrences to use the current baseline configuration.
A change to the generator preset description is not considered a change to the baseline configuration.
To update the baseline configuration of a generator preset:
  1. 1.
    On the Generator Presets view, click the edit icon for the preset.
  2. 2.
    On the Edit Preset panel, update the configuration. You cannot change the selected generator for the preset.
  1. 3.
    Click Save and Apply.
  2. 4.
    On the confirmation panel, click Confirm.

Configuration options for generator presets

Each generator preset includes the following configuration:
  • Preset Name - The name of the generator preset. You can change the name of built-in presets. Built-in presets always use the generator name.
  • Preset Description - A longer description of the generator preset and how it is intended to be used.
  • Generator - The generator for the generator preset. You cannot change the assigned generator for a preset.
  • Generator configuration - The configuration options for the selected generator. For details on the specific configuration options for each generator, see the Generator reference.
The following items are not included in the generator preset configuration. They are always configured for individual columns after you select the generator preset: