V101 - V145


November 25th, 2020
  • Better logging during job execution
  • Support for Spark + AVRO files
  • Various Spark improvements


November 11th, 2020
  • Undo/Redo capabilities for workspace changes
  • More information in Job Details
  • New Strict Mode available when generating data via the API
  • Now supports for AVRO files
  • Now supports EMR Steps API
Bug Fixes
  • Error logging enhancements for Spark
  • Various UI improvements


October 28th, 2020
  • Added support for Spark/S3 as a data source and destination
  • Improved Company Name generator
  • Added support for text and ntext types in SQL Server
  • Added support for Google Big Query as a data source and destination
  • Workspace ownership can now be transferred from user to user
Bug Fixes
  • AWS Commons extension no longer breaks data generations
  • JSON and XML mask generator configuration fixes
  • Minor display fixes


October 14th, 2020
  • Find and Replace Generator introduced
  • Tonic saves a copy of the workspace configuration to job history every time a generation is started
  • You can now share workspaces with your SSO defined groups
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected rending issue for column sort option in the Database View


September 29th, 2020
  • Support for PingID SSO
  • Option to download foreign key file
  • Social Insurance Generator added
Bug Fixes
  • Test Connection errors now show why the connection failed


September 17th, 2020
Post Generate Script
  • Added the ability to create post job scripts that will be executed against the destination server at the end of the generation
  • Added Cross Table Sum generator. Allows summing of rows from another table by partition
  • Added single sign on support
  • Added Enterprise license key support
  • Added a check to validate the foreign key file before a generation executes
  • Allow maximum for Integer Key generator
  • Removed dependency on RabbitMQ
  • Added ability to have SQL Server and Postgres trust server certificates in workspace editor
  • Additional logging was added around relationship integrity during subsetting
  • Added adjustable batch sizes for Oracle
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several rendering issues in the table view
  • Tries multiple connection methods for Oracle
  • Supports Extended VarChar2s for Oracle
  • No longer hides foreign key column headings for synthesize mode
  • Job descriptions for jobs cancelled before they started running are more accurate
  • Testing the source database connection now works for viewers and auditors
  • Workspaces are now sorted alphabetically in the workspace drop down
  • Changing a linked generator now properly breaks the link
  • Foreign key columns now show up properly without needing a refresh after setting the primary key table to synthesized mode
  • Expand long column names on hover in the Privacy Hubs's audit trail
  • Workspaces with broken connections to their database can once again be edited
  • Views no longer show in the list of tables for Oracle databases.


August 20th, 2020
  • Workspace Sharing - allows sharing workspaces between multiple users with different access controls (This is an Enterprise Plan feature)
Workspace Sharing
  • Added 'In' operator to the Conditional Generator.
  • Added environment variable to bypass certificate validation when connecting to databases with self signed certificates.
  • Schema change detection will now flag columns with null generators that have been made not-null.
  • Significantly improved the speed that information is gathered about the source database affecting overall UI performance and schema change detection.
  • Added additional diagnostic information around query execution times to the logs.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where switching table mode to synthesized mode in Database view would not work.
  • Increase accuracy of error messages on Sql Server when tables fail to get created.
  • Integer Key Generator in Oracle for Number columns now base off of the precision, stopping overflow
  • Resolved name collision when subsetting with a table that has more than one foreign key to the same primary key.
  • Fixed preview on tables that use the sequential integer generator.
  • Changing synthesized row counts from database view now saves properly.
  • Popover of column name on table view no longer flashes.
  • Large constant values no longer cause display issues in Database view.
  • Fixed issue with connection test sometimes failing when using MySql.
  • Character Scramble now preserves null values when operation on JSON.
  • Fixed OID collision issue on Oracle.
  • Preview no longer fails when using complicated partitioning strategies.
  • Constant Generator no longer loses preview when you click away.


July 31st, 2020
  • ASCII Character Primary Key Generator which supports a wider range of characters in the column.
  • New API Endpoint for getting information on a single data generation job
  • Key Generators now work on Unique Columns
  • Improvements to PII Detection:
    • Added detection for columns containing passwords, postal codes, and VINs.
    • Reduced false positives for SWIFT codes, ICD9, ICD10, US Cities
  • Switched to a new MySQL driver
  • Make XML generator more human readable
  • Allow synthesize mode on Conditional Generator and Unique Email Generator
  • Add event generator in Oracle
Performance Improvements
  • UI performance for resolving schema difference
Bug Fixes
  • Better checking of uniqueness requirements for columns
  • Fixed constraints on large tables timing out in SqlServer
  • Fixed conversion issue with XML columns outside of subsets during subsetting
  • Block subsetting with synthesized tables
  • Do not allow source and destination to be the same in MySQL
  • Make preview stay up to date when generator is removed from different view
  • Fixed vulnerability with lodash
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