V202 - V246


July 22, 2021
  • Users can now download job logs directly through the Tonic application.
  • Integer primary key generator allows more control.
  • Add index restoration parallelism for PostgreSQL.
  • Add name case consistency.
Bug Fixes
  • Prevent Safari from crashing.
  • No longer print environment variables when launching the PII detection or machine learning containers.
  • Improve API performance for endpoint api/schemadiff.
  • Mongo RegexMaskEditor now gets column values.


July 15th, 2021
  • Smart Linking generators added - train neural networks to mimic the implicit relationships across columns.
  • Webhooks now support sending JSON object literals.
  • MongoDB expanded generators on allowed data types and consistency for multiple types of paths.
  • Clarified error messages in the UI.
  • Constant generator will now show a true/false drop down when added to a boolean field.
Bug Fixes
  • Improved performance of schema change detection on large workspaces.
  • Handle long generator names in the UI.
  • Allow notifications container to start up without TONIC_URL env variable.
  • Updated TLS cipher negotiation between Tonic and AWS Aurora Mysql.
  • Full name will now be consistent with first and last name.
  • Null values in Sql Server xml fields are now handled properly.
  • Optimized memory usage on very large Sql Server rows.
  • Reduced the number of times statistics have to be calculated for Json Mask Generator, Xml Mask Generator, and Regex Mask Generator.
  • Fixed issue where S3 + Spark jobs would not start.


June 21st, 2021
  • Preserve N bytes for MAC address generation
  • Modeling panel in table view can now be resized
  • Repartition and coalescing added for Databricks
  • Subset preview on small screen improved
  • Speed up PII Scan for MySQL
  • Updated subsetting logs
  • Increment default fingerprint schema version
Bug Fixes
  • Disable Generate Data during page load
  • Fix constant generator timestamp issue
  • Handle case when Spark not installed on EMR cluster
  • Increase Big Query limit of 10GB
  • Memory optimized tables fixed when tearing down SQL Server
  • Shift + Select in Bulk in MySQL fixed


June 11th, 2021
  • Webhooks can now be created to alert external systems when a job has finished.
Add Webhooks to Tonic
  • Magnifying glass now appears in Collection View in Mongo to show additional values for a given path.
  • Post Job Scripts can now be put in a specific order by user.
  • MongoDB expanded to support comments, notifications, current date generator, collection search.
  • Generators can be found by metadata now as well as name.
  • Copy workspace action limited to owner only.
  • Remove tutorial video.
  • Show UI warnings for Oracle when rows are rejected by sqlldr.
Bug Fixes
  • Data in identity columns is now properly inserted into Redshift databases.
  • User defined types are now dropped in the correct order when tearing down a SQL Server database.
  • Job status API no longer returns information about other jobs.
  • Make the polling for jobs resilient to failed checks.
  • Even better upstream null handling.


May 27th, 2021
  • Added support for Db2 iSeries
  • Added support for Delta Table on Databricks
  • Added support for reading IAM roles off Databricks machines instead of providing IAM credentials
  • Added a UI notification when your Tonic version is 10+ versions behind
  • Added support for MongoDB 2.4 and 3.4
  • Added the ability to automatically skip tables that match a regular expression via an environment variable
  • Added the ability to obfuscate values inside an array in Mongo
  • Added the ability for the JSON Mask Generator to parse json objects containing escaped characters and surrounded by quotes
  • Added the ability to automatically cast for mismatched types during downstream subsetting
  • Added a Regex Generator
  • Added a Generative Adversarial Network Generator
Bug Fixes
  • Refreshes subset preview when table mode is changed
  • Improved handling of IAM credentials on Databricks when an IAM instance profile is present
  • Hide "Other" in generator dropdown when there are no additional generators


April 29th, 2021
  • Added support for MongoDB
  • Added support for Amazon Redshift
  • Delta Table support on Databricks
  • Upgrades the subset preview with UI improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Better handling of adding foreign keys pointing to non-primary keys
  • Checks for Postgres version mismatch
  • Remove generator button now works in synthesis mode and on key columns
  • Added support to break subsetting cycle when both Foreign Key and Primary Key are nullable


April 20th, 2021
  • Subset Preview
  • Support for Google SSO, including ability to read group membership
  • Java UDFs on Spark for Character Scramble and Mac Address generators
  • Added custom value processor extension framework
Bug Fixes
  • Auto-increment on MySql bug fix
  • No longer remote auto-increment on primary keys or on preserved tables
  • Fixes composite foreign key issue with one nullable column in key
  • Incremental mode now works when a rowversion or timestamp column is on the table
  • Fixed collation issue for MySQL 8
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