V251 - V299


September 27, 2021
  • Jobs now auto-stop if the worker crashes
  • Support for ENUM Arrays in Postgres.
  • Categorical generator can now be used on non-string types in MongoDB.
  • Allow Conditional Generator on JSON, JSONB, and Boolean columns.
  • CustomCategorical and Categorical Generator support for MongoDB arrays.
  • Add optional 'use compression' flag for MySQL.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue when swapping between MongoDB workspaces
  • Fix TimestampShift Generator for mongo.
  • Subsetting enhancements
  • EMR partitioned table UI bug fix.
  • Fixed an issue where metadata for the conditional generator did not always save correctly
  • Fix EMR Test Connection issue.


September 20, 2021
  • JSON Mask for Spark.
  • Make bulk applying generators more friendly on columns with disparate types.
  • Generated columns are now supported for Postgres.
  • EMR will output CSV files if the input file is a CSV.
  • Added support for unsigned integer columns to the Integer Key Generator.
  • Performance improvements for MySQL.
Bug Fixes
  • Improved iSeries UI response time.
  • Fixed copy workspace issue where some fields were empty until a page refresh was performed.
  • EMR Hive DDL fix for Csv.
  • Fixed issue with droping indexes on auto-incrementing composite keys in Mysql
  • Improve DB2 post data order.
  • Improved MySql performance for CopyTable.


September 10, 2021
  • Add Pagination to ECR Image search.
  • Workspace Tags.
  • Optimized the Privacy Scan for Oracle DBs.
  • Add custom categorical generator to Mongo DB.
  • Support for EMR cross account.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issues with resizable panes in Database and Table view.
  • Allow non-null self references in a table in subsetting only if the table is a reference table.
  • Security enhancements
  • Fixed issues in MongoDB workspaces with dismissing all schema diffs.
  • Better handling of Check constraints in MySQL


September 3, 2021
  • Added TLS support for iSeries Db2.
  • Cloudwatch logs are available inside Tonic for AWS Lambda based jobs.
  • Support for 'consistent on column' in Regex Mask Generator.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix SIN generator being applied to non-sin columns.
  • Optimized Schema construction for Destination DB in DB2 LUW.
  • Truncated tables now handled properly for AWS Lambda based jobs.
  • Fix rendering of tables with double digit replacements on bulk view.
  • "Consistent On" drop down is now alphabetized.


August 30, 2021
  • Added destination database connection summary to job start confirmation.
  • Subsetting and post-job action indicators have been added to the workspaces view.
  • Added workspace name as a webhook content option.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Postgres index restoration and error handling.
  • Fixes for Tonic UI when connected to MongoDB


August 23, 2021
  • Added option to Preserve Lambda S3 files
  • Added view support for Db2 LUW.
  • Improved RegexMaskGenerator performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Various fixes and improvements for Lambda generation.
  • Add additional logging to Lambda.
  • Change Lambda default config options (timeouts, memory).


August 19, 2021
  • Added support for incremental table mode on Postgres.
  • Enable TimeStampShiftGenerator for text columns.
  • Updates to the Privacy Hub for MongoDB
  • Add support for object, variant types in snowflake.
  • HIPAA Address Generator now handles extended zip codes that don't contain a hyphen.
  • Inactivity timeout and authorization/refresh token timeout can now be configured.
  • MySQL now copies over routines and events (if permissions are set) to the destination database.
Bug Fixes
  • Empty schemas in Db2 output database are now handled properly.
  • Http now forwards to https on the healthcheck endpoint of the PII Scanner container.
  • Resolved issue in the subset preview when the estimated row count of the source is unavailable.


August 11, 2021
  • New UI to view all workspaces.
  • Updates to Privacy Hub to track progress in protecting sensitive fields.
  • Db2 support for triggers and stored procedures.
  • Prevent Db2 summary tables and views from showing in the UI.
  • Support for Regex, Json, and XML generators on Snowflake and Redshift.
  • Allow Content-Type Header in webhook requests.
  • Ability to cancel data generation jobs from the job details page.
  • Schema differences can now be detected on a Mongo collection.
Bug Fixes
  • Memory usage reduction on MySQL and Oracle.
  • ErrorOnOverwrite for Databricks Table Mode.
  • Usability improvements with MongoDB workspaces.


August 2, 2021
  • Added ability to process Redshift and Snowflake using AWS Lambda.
  • Update Databricks assets in parallel.
  • Updated Sandbox Terms, analytics, licensed features.
Bug Fixes
  • Updated connection to Google Cloud PostgreSQL databases.


July 29, 2021
  • User information has been added to the Privacy Hub Audit Trail.
Bug Fixes
  • Improve usability when working with Db2.
  • Refactor queries to restore indexes and add timeout logic in MySQL.
  • Add batch size logic for subsetter when handling larger rows of data.
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