V3 - V50


Oct 29, 2019


  • Support for JSON datatype in MySQL

  • More easily remove a generator from a column in the bulk view

  • Improved PII detection

  • Ability to change table modifiers on Database View

  • Subsetting preview of included and excluded tables


  • Increase speed of restoring indexes for MySQL

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bad timestamp for jobs when still in queued state

  • Fixed bug found when using some versions of MySQL where dropping an index on a FK column results in an error

  • Fixed description for algebraic generator

  • Resolves an issue that was causing the job details page to fail to load.

  • Fixed MySql failing to create foreign keys because the db/schema wasn't specified in all cases

  • More logging


Oct 14, 2019


  • XML generator - use XPath to target one or more values for a generator. This implementation is very similar to the current JSON generator

  • Partitioning is out of beta. The Continuous and Event generators can be partitioned by either a Categorical or Passthrough generator

  • Support for computed columns in SQL Server

  • Re-sizing of autodetect and bulk view table trees, for long table names

  • Schema change notifications now use small icons

  • Active page is highlighted on sidebar and remember sidebar state

  • Check for correct user permissions on source database for SQL Server when first connecting (MySQL and Postgres already have this)

  • Gzip or br compress api responses


  • Faster Schema generation for SQL Server

  • Only SELECT required columns when gathering rows for data generation

  • Improved UI perf for SQL Server databases with a large number of objects

Bug Fixes

  • Properly send ALL logs to the log viewer in the Jobs UI

  • Continue when (most) errors occur while running pre-data script on SQL Server

  • Fixed issue blocking successful CSV data generation

  • No longer incorrectly filter out tables in the DBO schema in sql server

  • Improved logging around some SMO tasks for Sql Server


Sep 20, 2019


  • New UI and Schema View

  • Ability to generate in place (MySQL only)

  • Support consistency across databases and runs via the new TONIC_STATISTICS_SEED env variable


  • Many MySQL performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential deadlock issue in MySQL

  • No longer re-loads session when fetching a new refresh token

  • Better handling of comments inside JSON blobs that are being masked


Sep 5, 2019


  • Auto-detect now supports booleans

  • Users can now click on data cells to see large text strings

  • PII reports (see screenshot below)


  • Additional multi-threading added in various places for data generation

  • Process generated tables before passthrough to encourage fast failure

  • New environment variables so users can change the connection timeout, and min and max pool size

Bug Fixes

  • Support for Constant Generator on MySQL Blob columns

  • Support MySQL set datatype

  • Improved logging for PII detection

  • Multiple fixes involving switching between synthesize, excluded, and masked

  • Progress tracking added to BigQuery

  • POST to /api/autodetect/config will generate a default config first if one does not exist.

  • Multiple other small fixes



  • PII Detection is now available locally

  • Column widths on the table are now saved between sessions

  • Truncating tables is now prevented when it will lead to FK violations when generating data

  • Ability to more quickly add JSONPaths

  • Schema Diff now auto-fixes issues with model due to schema changes

  • Performance improvements to data generation, and JSON Generator in particular which is now multi-threaded

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to handle NULL database values in the JSON Mask Generator

  • JSON Paths that start with the same prefix, e.g. $.value and $.value1 no longer cause an error

  • No longer cutting off list of tables in Auto Detect dialog

  • Better clean up of excluded_tables and scaled_tables in Fingerprint when tables are dropped from DB

  • Fixed issue preventing data generation on Postgres Standby DBs (i.e. Read replicas in RDS nomenclature)



  • Can now hit 'Enter' on any input in the Database connection form and it will submit the form

Bug Fixes

  • Better layout for JSON Paths with long names

  • Fixed a 'missing key' prop issue in front end

  • Adding too many escapes to MySQL data when writing to CSV (prior to upload).

  • We now automatically truncate mysql tables before data generation begins



  • JSON generator now supports consistency

  • Better JSON Mask UI

  • Name Generator now has consistency option

  • Can run auto detect without sending logs

  • API Documentation

  • Better tracking of Allos Console logs

  • Better progress tracking

Bug Fixes

  • Intermittent failures of data table are fixed

  • GetAllTablesAndColumns no longer fails when table has columns with multiple constraints on them

  • No longer front end crash when subset target table no longer exists

  • Use Custom Data button location has been fixed

  • Performance improvements

  • Fixed a myriad of issues in the First Connection Experience when using a custom data source

  • Additional fixes for the JSON Mask Generator

  • Fixed issue created in v16 where changing a table's mode to 'TRUNCATE' wasn't being saved properly



  • Insight into whether database generation job is running or queued (was not distinguished in prior versions)

  • Ability to cancel a currently running database generation job

  • Ability to assign generators by jsonpath for the JSON Mask Generator

  • Tonic now prevents users from entering identical source and destination database information

  • When connecting to a database Tonic now defaults the Port to the standard port for the database selected.

  • Tonic now checks if the db account has necessary permissions and warns if it does not.

  • Subset button in header now reflects the state of your subset configuration

  • Google BigQuery now allows user to specify an input and output Dataset for generation.

Bug Fixes

  • Better escaping of schema and table names in mysql

  • Workspace edit dialog file upload inputs (Foreign Key upload and BigQuery Service Account upload) were out of sync

  • No longer show stale data in the table UI when switching between tables quickly

  • We were not properly handling queries to pg_catalog tables where columns had recently been dropped from tables

  • Fix to allow synthesizing on mysql tables that have weird characters in table name

  • Fix error message which occurs when user checks permissions on a Postgres database with 0 tables

  • Fix to properly keep in sync the source and destination database names in Sql Server

  • Constant no longer appears twice in the generator list for JSON columns in Postgres

  • Table search dropdown now clears search query once user hits 'enter' or closes dialog

  • CreatedDate in allos_db tables now has correct values by default


  • Ability to Filter data table based on SQL WHERE clauses

  • Support for Google Big Query

  • Continuous generator now supports nullable columns

  • Remember last visited Workspace and Table and navigate directly to them when reloading page

  • Added on-premises installation option of one Docker image

  • FK Columns are greyed out in UI

  • And several additional bug fixes


note: we've transitioned from major.minor.hotfix to simple integer based versioning


  • Autodetect Generators (beta) - this feature that scans the source dataset and by analyzing both the structural properties (data types, column names, foreign key constraints) and the content of each data field it take a first pass at picking generators and linking generators.

  • Ability to define custom foreign key relationships, this addresses the issue where a database doesn't have any FK constraints or it's missing some

  • Algebraic Generator - when you link 3 or more columns (A, B, C, ...) with the algebraic generator applied it will search the space of functions (A + B = C, A / B = C, ... ) to find the function that best describes the algebraic relationship between the linked columns.

  • We now support ability to specify via an ENV variable which schemas to include

  • Email generator now supports a custom email domain

  • Renamed Gaussian generator to Continuous

  • Added TIN generator

    • First two digits are always 00

    • Guaranteed uniqueness. We use each of the 10M possibilities once and only once except when needing to be consistent (see above). This generator cannot be used in tables with more than 10M unique rows

    • Format preserving. If the cell value uses a hyphen we add a hyphen, otherwise we do not.

  • Upgraded pg_dump to v11

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