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V305 - V350


December 23, 2021
  • Ability to specify a fallback generator on XML and JSON generators
  • Ability to exclude multiple email domains in the email generator
  • Update column schema to preserve dropped-date and isDropped status
  • Change job details checkmarks to green Prevent idle session timeout in Postgres
  • Drop rows if decimal parse fails in Postgres Add pre-job check logging
  • Ability to connect to MongoDB via connection string
  • Allow incremental mode on tables where the PK is also an FK
  • Retry polling job updates and cancel job checks when there's connectivity issues with the Tonic DB
  • Add warning message when fails to restore sequence on destination data
  • Always show job status warning icon when applicable
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed importing workspace json caused schema change alerts
  • Fixed Timestamp Shift for DateTimeOffset
  • Fixed for how we count the number of partitions on tables in SQL Server
  • Properly escaping MySQL Username/Password encoding


December 9, 2021
  • Update Workspace Users/Shares via web sockets
  • Provide job summary updates via web sockets
  • Make jump to page in Workspaces table more discoverable
  • Display which Tonic tier the customer is on
  • Wrap DNS resolution in try-catch block to avoid errors upstream
  • Expose ports 443 and 80 in Dockerfiles for applicable containers
  • Update session variables to enforce autocommit for MySQL
  • Parallelization of row processing for improved job performance
Bug Fixes
  • Removed random sampling in ConsistentOn generators
  • Fixed newly edited Tags of active workspace not being exported
  • Updated Oracle writer path for job improvement
  • Improved error message when test connection fails
  • Made error message more clear for generators that perform frequency samples
  • Fixed DB2 connection spinning indefinitely via timeout


December 3, 2021
  • Added incremental mode support for MySQL
  • Added Workspace filter/sort improvements
  • Added Recovery Mode check for SQL Server Destination databases
  • Added support for connecting to mongo via connection string
  • PII Report Jobs are now canceled when Zombied/Abandoned
  • Added button to resolve all schema changes
  • Added the ability to generate full US address
Bug Fixes
  • Faster sampling for large tables when running privacy scan
  • Improved handling of null exceptions when subsetting
  • Made performance improvements to get all workspaces
  • Made performance improvements to only job summaries when needed
  • Improved data generation for latitude/longitude with Smart Linking
  • Improved formatting of error messages on job details


November 24, 2021
  • Extend timestamp format to microseconds
  • Restrict workspace generation details to Owners
  • Allow webhooks on all DB Types
  • Added Struct support on Spark
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lingering column on bulk view when configuring generators
  • State abbreviation privacy check requires some variability
  • Added handling of when custom categories are null in the metadata for Custom Categorical generator
  • Fixed date parsing for event generator
  • Smart linking bulk edit + metadata
  • Do not add AND clause if there are no non-filtering columns (subsetting)
  • Improved Sidebar indicators
  • Fixed inability to generate over tables which contain invisible tables in Oracle
  • Added null check for error message in subsetting
  • Hide Subsetting/Post-Job Actions in Workspaces view when not applicable
  • Added used packaged explicitly & removed unused package dependencies
  • Primary key columns in synthesized mode should not have generator piсker


November 18, 2021
  • Random Timestamp output format selection
  • Redshift allow users to preserve source database owners
  • Support binary types as primary keys in subsetting
  • Log and skip over unresolved URNs instead of failing the job
  • Ignore VIEWS for Databricks and EMR
  • Released Additive Noise Generator
  • Added generator for creating CPF numbers
  • Bypassing XML validation on SQL Server XML columns is now optional
  • Added support for Windows authentication on SQL Server
Bug Fixes
  • Editors should have read only on workspace edit dialog
  • If no user has have been created, show create account page
  • Increased dialog width to prevent overflow when EMR spark is selected.
  • Added leading zero to 4 digit zip codes
  • Removed unavailable features from UI for Spark


November 12, 2021
  • Improved user experience for workspaces view
  • Custom value processors can now be applied to not-null non-replaceable data types.
  • Update subsetting toggle on/off via web sockets
  • Bulk store column info for performance improvements
  • Disable generators for generated columns in Oracle
  • Added support for DML table-level triggers
  • Preserve file preferences in Oracle
Bug Fixes
  • Login page no longer displays error on page load when SSO is not configured.
  • SQL Server now preserve their decimal places on numeric column types when using the continuous generator.
  • Continuous generator no longer fails on missing fields in MongoDB.
  • Fixed issue where Duo login button was disabled when REQUIRE_SSO_AUTH is true.
  • Connection test for Snowflake and Redshift no longer reports incorrect permission error.
  • Fixed issue where you could not edit a workspace if you lacked permissions on the active workspace.
  • Generated columns in Postgres are no longer attempted to be written to the destination database.
  • Fixed Spark generations by no longer attempting to instantiate a SparkSession in the UDF
  • Fixed parsing issue in Databricks Jobs API where we were treating an Int64 value as an Int32
  • Fixed issue where continuous generator would fail when the precision of a numeric column is unavailable
  • Removed security vulnerabilities from Notifications container
  • Added signed tokens to Redshift load and unload statements


November 8, 2021
  • Improved message when database job finishes
  • Added dependency sort on tables set to Incremental mode
  • Added HStoreMaskGenerator specific to Postgres hstore types
  • Adding conditional generator support to MongoDB.
  • Added support for AWS SSO
  • Better error messages on the front-end when out-of-range IntPkGenerator
Bug Fixes
  • Removed linking from Random boolean generator
  • EMR should show more than 100 tables when appropriate
  • Preserve Destination disabled in bulk on EMR and Databricks
  • Upgraded Redis to resolve CVE-2021-32762
  • Database type now shows properly for newly created workspaces in the workspace view
  • Changed the download logs button to be more intuitive for jobs that don't use SmartLinking
  • Consolidate Copy vs Duplicate terminology
  • Job end times now show properly when jobs terminate unexpectedly
  • Break long workspace names to avoid overflow
  • Fix Enable Log Collection for Lambda Functions
  • Fix scaled uuid foreign key generation for unique columns
  • Fixed data type for numeric in SQL Server
  • Fix varbinary truncation in MySQL


November 1, 2021
  • Added UUID primary key support for synthesized mode.
  • Added support for Duo 2FA SSO.
  • Updates for Oracle XML, RAW Types.
  • Handle triggers and grants when creating DBs for Oracle.
  • Null Generator now supported as Spark UDF.
  • Handle spatial (geometry/geography) types in SqlServer.
Bug Fixes
  • Update tracking URL in Databricks.
  • Leave temp schemas alone.
  • Fix ConsistentOn in RegexGenerator.
  • Security updates for Linux.


October 18, 2021
  • Update Database view filter behavior
  • Added configuration option to disable account creation.
  • Regex mask generator is now supported on unique columns.
  • Warnings and errors for Redshift and Snowflake are now displayed on the job details page.
  • Updated job queued status.
  • Add Cloudwatch Log Filtering by Log Level.
Bug Fixes
  • Performance improvement for hybrid document creation for MongoDB.
  • Fixed issue where constraints could be duplicated when using the same Oracle server for source and destination.
  • Enhanced Oracle log messages when copying data.


October 7, 2021
  • PII Scan will continue on error and log all issues.
  • Added unique phone number generator.
  • Added support for Integer Key generator on decimal columns where precision is zero.
  • Rename "Output" Database to "Destination".
  • Added Table Mode descriptions on hover
  • Added TLS support for Db2 iSeries connections.
Bug Fixes
  • TONIC_MYSQL_USE_COMPRESSION environment variable was removed.
  • Slow api responses that are still in process when a workspace switch occurs will no longer cause stale data to show in the application.
  • Properly set last visited collection for Mongo workspaces.
  • Fix workspace row alignment.
  • Disallow applying generators on postgres generated columns.
  • Fixed logging issues with PII scan errors.
  • Leave destination schema alone on Db2.
  • Fix subsetting of FKs with same name.
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