V355 - V391


February 15, 2022


  • Relax unique index constraint on username

  • Added tonic version in containers as an environment variable

  • Adding logic to bypass Fallback generators for Spark databases

  • Support case insensitive name consistency

  • Disable dropping replacements on missing columns for mongo

  • Update Oracle driver

  • Enable additive noise generation for strings in mongo

  • Add support for unsigned 64-bit integer columns in integer key generator

  • Add random timestamp and timestamp shift generators as options for integer columns (for unix timestamp columns)

  • Add checks for min/maxTime on timestamp and min/maxDate on dates

  • Adding null ref check for fallback generation option check during preview

  • Revamped workspace configuration screen

  • Support for Decimal on Spark (when using C# UDFs)

  • Allow Regex Generator on PKs

  • Added new environment variable to filter tables ingested by UI for Oracle

  • Misc perf improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix mongo view more values issues

  • Disable dropping replacements on missing columns for mongo

  • Fix Workspace specified via API without DBs can be modified in UI

  • Fixing Random Timestamp generator on Java

  • Date truncation generator bug fixes


February 8, 2022


  • Better error exception handling for number conversions in Mongo

  • Added loading indicator when viewing single Mongo document

  • Improved Mongo performance and logging

  • Added table filter validation for EMR

  • Handling numbers as doubles instead of integers in Snowflake

  • Added aiven.io system schema to Postgres

  • Added the Geo Generator for latitude and longitude data

  • Added support for materialized view in Redshift

Bug fixes

  • Fixed array regex mask generator with correct subgenerator options

  • Fixed conditional generator by adding binding


February 4, 2022


  • Updated to dotnet 6

  • Moved FK import to FK page

  • Added support for tinyint in MySQL as a primary key

  • Added table partition filtering for EMR

  • Enabled Regex Mask generator on EMR

  • Added support decimals with precision and scale for EMR

  • Moved Tonic version number to hamburger menu

  • Added job sorting by start time

  • Ability to retrieve Kubernetes logs via API

  • Improved behavior of upstream reference tables for subsetting

  • Improved logging for subset filtering

  • Updated sensitivity scan to better reflect job status

  • Improved privacy scan performance for Mongo

  • Introduced automated schema checks (not for Mongo)

  • Added HTML Mask generator

  • Added Additive Noise Generator

  • Added CNPJ generator

  • Added Array Regex Mask generator

Deprecated endpoints

Updates to the foreign key feature impact the API endpoints used to fetch, upload, and delete the Foreign Key file. Two previous API endpoints are now marked as deprecated:

  • DELETE /api/datasource/delete_fkupload has been marked as deprecated and replaced by DELETE /api/workspace/{workspaceId}/foreign-key/

  • GET /api/datasource/download_fkupload/ has been marked as deprecated and replaced by GET /api/workspace/{workspaceId}/foreign-key/

The main change between both APIs is the switch to using workspaceId to fetch the Foreign Key file instead of the datasourceId.

Both are slated to be removed after 2022-06-01.

Bug fixes

  • Fix number parsing issues in JSON mask generator

  • Fix MySQL parsing of auto_increment columns

  • Eliminated re-querying of data type on EMR Spark

  • Fixed issue viewing Mongo workspace when there's an empty collection

  • Fixed for TruncatedDateGenerator when used as SubGenerator

  • Fixed data passed to SubGenerator in RegexMaskGenerator


January 21, 2022


  • Show tooltip for sidebar menu items when collapsed

  • Allow clicking of Queue Status and Download Job logs buttons on Jobs page

  • Added privacy scans to Jobs page

  • Added quick navigation to Jobs page from Workspaces tables

  • Added support for random timestamp generator for EMR

  • Improved Hstore generation performance

  • Added job-specific URLs

  • Webhooks are triggered when jobs are manually cancelled

  • Added warning for missing use statements in MySQL post-job scripts

  • Make JSON mask generator respect ordering with multiple subgenerators

Bug fixes

  • Fix Postgres binary timeout issues

  • Improved error handling & logging when applying Foreign Keys on subsetted SQL Server

  • Filter out constraints with same name as foreign key


January 7, 2022


  • Added Privacy Report CSV download for Preview (to Privacy Hub) and Generation Report (to Job Details).

  • Added support for preserve destination in Oracle.

  • Added support for temporal tables on Sql Server.

  • Added support for read parallelism via paginated queries.

  • Updated fallback generators to filter by column details and to remove text-mask generator.

  • Disable page parallelism when pageSize too small.

  • Add styles for signup divider.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix AuroraMySql hang.

  • Clarify Subsetting UI.

  • SQL Server Constraint Performance Improvements.

  • Fixes for PII Scan.

  • Fix Jobs Foreign Key Migration Issues.

  • Log missing env var once per process.

  • Improvements to JSON Mask Performance using JToken creation to improve data type handling.

  • Text mask performance improvements.

  • Fix for Polling TS error.

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