V52 - V97


July 15th, 2020
  • Tables on Sql Server can now be updated in an incremental fashion where only the changes since the last generation are processed. More details here.
Incremental Updates
  • Added support for customer categorical generator in synthesize mode.
  • Date truncation generator has been added so you can truncate dates to a specified date part.
  • Added support for timestamp ranges in Postgres.
  • Phone number generator now supports multinational phone numbers. The output phone number will match the country/region of the input phone number.
  • Integer key generator can now operate on an Int64/Long column.
  • Fixed issue where a specifically sized payload could cause the API request to fail.
  • Geo generator properly passes through null values.
  • Added back remove table API.
  • Tables containing unicode characters now work in preserve destination mode on Sql Server.
  • Improved handling of transaction scopes for Sql Server.
  • Fixed issue where generators applied through the conditional generator sometimes used their default options during generation.
  • Generators added through autodetect are now able to be marked consistent/deferentially private.
  • Resolved multithreading issue using the key generators on tables with linked foreign keys.
  • Sql server date columns no longer show time in the table view.


July 1st, 2020
  • Added ability for full name generators to be consistent with partial name generators.
  • Generator popovers now scroll after reaching a certain height.
  • Add Random Double generator.
  • Add ability to delete Tonic account.
  • Improved job progress tracking for Oracle.
  • Allow workspaces to be imported and exported.
  • Added support for conditional generator on Sql Server image columns.
  • Negative numbers can now be used in the constant generator with numeric columns.
  • Added support for timezone arrays in Postgres.
Performance Improvements
  • Significant performance increase when using the continuous generator.
Bug Fixes
  • No longer displaying out of date conditional generator configuration in the collapsed view.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to backspace the constant value on a constant generator applied to a numeric column.
  • User's can no longer duplicate subset targets on the subset configuration page.
  • Removed conditional generator as a sub-generator choice when using the xml or json mask generators.
  • Fixed issue where consistency could not be applied to a generator inside the conditional generator.
  • Loading indicators on the table view are now more consistent.
  • Continuous generator now works with smaller partitions when generating statistics.
  • Job details page now scrolls when number of steps is too large for the screen area.
  • Fixed issue where adding a custom categorical generator inside the JSON mask generator could cause an error.
  • Removing a table from the Schema Changes page now properly removes it from the subsetting configuration.
  • Disabled including tables out of subset was enabled when subsetting was not.
  • Fixed broken link for API documents on Job Details page.
  • Fixed issue where sequential integer generator didn't reset itself between generations.
  • Forced browser to get new version of assets after each release.
  • Add sql injection safety to generators that partition.
  • Fixed issue with switching between workspaces on the jobs view.
  • Moved popovers in database view to not be blocking other columns.
  • Fix issue with attribute info generator failing on empty attributes.
  • Stopped job progress from updating after job is complete.
  • Fixed issue with canceled jobs still running if they were cancelled before they could run.


June 17th, 2020
  • Added the ability to specify a domain and enable consistency on the unique email generator
  • Conditional generator can now be used with the unique email generator
  • Added confirmation step for canceling a generation.
  • Added support for JSON and JSONB arrays in Postgres.
Performance Improvements
  • Updates to your workspace are now done through Json Patch.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where a table was unable to be switched to synthesized mode.
  • Fixed issue where min and max on the random integer generator were not editable.
  • Fixed issue where multiple changes might not be saved properly if executed within a few milliseconds of each other.
  • Fixed issue where constraints failed to apply to a large Sql server database.
  • Fixed display issue where the password input appeared to be filled in on the destination database connection screen.
  • Swagger docs no longer report enum fields as integers.
  • Fixed issue where edit, copy, and delete workspace buttons where still clickable even when disabled.
  • Decreased clickable area on consistency and differential privacy switches.
  • Fixed issue with NaN values in Postgres double fields.


May 29th, 2020
  • A new subsetting option allows you to process tables that are not included in your subset.
  • Several Conditional Generator improvements:
    • Conditional Generator can now filter rows by a regular expression.
    • Conditional Generator now supports the following additional generators: Categorical, Custom Categorical, Alphanumeric Key, Numeric String Key, Integer Key.
    • 'Is null' and 'is not null' operators added to conditional generator
  • Custom Categorical Generator now supports numeric types.
  • Random timestamp generator can now be added to text columns.
  • Password managers are now prevented from interfering with the database connection form.
  • Improved logging for constraint application on Sql server.
  • Renamed 'private' to 'sensitive' when referring to a column with data that needs to be protected.
  • Column headers are now red when a column is sensitive but not protected.
Performance Improvements
  • Workspace updates no longer happen on keystroke and will now wait until you exit the field or popup.
  • Changed the way the application loads workspaces to increase performance for large workspaces.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix display issue with Custom Categorical Generator when there were no categories.
  • Fixed error message when applying random timestamp generator.
  • Fixed issue with column editor size changing when marking a column as sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue with xml columns on Sql server


May 12th, 2020
  • Tables can now be filtered by their current mode in the database view.
  • Added support for the 'contains' operator on the conditional generator.
  • Company name generator now supports consistency.
  • Added version check when editing a workspace to better support multitab/multibrowser use. Multiple users can now edit the same workspace without worrying about race conditions. Note: this is a first step, more multiuser features are in development.
Performance Improvements
  • Improved speed of tables in mask mode by fixing issue introduced in v76.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with applying a large number of constraints with Sql Server.
  • Random boolean, IP address, and random integer generators now work correctly with the conditional generator
  • Tasks that complete immediately now display correctly in the job details page.
  • Fixed display issue with data preview button on privacy hub.


May 8th, 2020
  • Added a generator for shipping container codes.
  • Custom Categorical Generator now works on json fields.
  • Destination database names can now differ from the source for Sql Server.
  • Job completion time has been added to the Job Details page.
  • Additional diagnostic tools added to docker containers.
  • Column search performance in bulk editor significantly improved.
  • Removed Intercom
Bug Fixes
  • Preserving a partitioned table on Sql Server no longer causes an error.
  • Fixed issue with the Categorical Generator when the table is empty.
  • Fixed issue with the last line break sometimes being removed from the category list on the Custom Category Generator.
  • Fix preserve tables for non-Oracle databases.
  • Styling fixes for Conditional Generator when used in Firefox.
  • Fixed issue where insert into an XML column can fail on Sql Server when the payload has a large attribute, too many nodes, or too much nesting.


Apr 28, 2020
  • You can now apply generators conditionally based on the values within the column.
Conditional Generator
  • Added support for array types in Postgres
  • Added a custom categorical generator, which allows you to specify a list of categories for a given column
Custom Categorical Generator
  • Starting a data generation via the API will now return the ID of the job
  • Primary key generators can now be applied in the bulk edit view.
  • Added additional information on the job details page and in the logging, especially around subsetting.
  • Return existing refresh tokens if they exist to better enable multiple open sessions for the same account.
  • Improved the speed of the integer primary key generator
  • Improved subsetting performance when subset targets are referenced by large tables
Bug Fixes
  • Tonic will now ignore tables created by unsupported database add-ons that previously would require the user to truncate.
    • You may see these tables show up as a schema change alert. Most common ones are spatial_ref_sys and sysdiagrams.
  • Skip some the relationship checks needed for synthesis when table mode is not set to synthesize.
  • Fixed display issue where primary key would show as needing a generator for synthesis mode.
  • Fixed issue where the table drop down on the subset configuration view sometimes rendered in the wrong location.
  • Json path generators will no longer overwrite objects or arrays.
  • Fixed issue where identity sequence was not being set correctly on the destination table.
  • Fix issue when empty strings are present in a column with the numeric string or alphanumeric string primary key generators attached


Apr 14, 2020
Bug Fixes
  • Replaced browser alert with a toast notification when a job fails to be scheduled
  • Oracle now returns columns in the order of their ordinal position
  • Adjusted sizing on subset dropdown
  • Fixed issue where the progress tracker could fail to write events near the end of a generation.


Apr 6, 2020
  • Upgraded Java version on docker images to resolve security issues.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where consistency did not work across multiple workers.
  • Ensure that subset configuration is validated when the subset configuration page has not been loaded yet.
  • Fixed issue where Privacy Hub could continue to refresh even after a scan was complete.
  • Incorrect generators are no longer showing in the MS Sql Server image data type.
  • Fixed magnifying glass placement on Privacy Hub on field hover.
  • Fixed various issues with toast notifications. Reset scrollbar position on table selection change in bulk editor.


Mar 25, 2020
  • Improved logging when testing a connection
  • Added MySql 8 compatibility for our collated queries.
  • Complete overhaul of progress tracking and the job details page. Jobs Details now has progress bars, spinners, and various icons to present the current status of a job.
  • Index restoration parallelized on MySql.
  • Foreign keys added to a MySql table are now added with 'foreign_key_checks=0'.
  • Tables marked as 'Preserve Destination' now complete significantly faster on SQL Server.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue in MySql Restore Foreign Key query
  • Fixed issue when user changes a JsonMask or XmlMask generator to other generator types
  • Tiny Int not treated as Boolean in MySQL
  • Fixed MySql issue with preserved tables having the same name in different schemas
  • PII Scanner now picks up on zip code data by column name.
  • PII detection using lookup tables now removes leading and trailing whitespaces and converts all values to lowercase. This fixes our PII detection for cities and states.
  • Test Connection button no longer holds on to table locks on MySql databases.
  • Workspace Name field now receives focus when workspace editor is opened.
  • Enter key can now be used to save Workspace Editor.
  • Allow UUID primary keys as downstream type in subsetting mode.
  • Fix issue with GUID primary keys when subsetting is enabled.
  • Long columns names now render properly on Privacy Hub.
  • Fixed issue with bulk adding consistent generators.
  • Account creation no longer hangs when server has no internet connection.
  • Fixed spacing issue with JSON Mask Generator interface.


Mar 10, 2020
  • Bulk operations on multiple columns in the Database View:
    • Add and remove generators
    • Change privacy status
Bulk Column Operations
  • UI now distinguishes between primary (gold) and foreign keyed (black) columns
  • Advanced search for columns in the Database view.
Advanced Search
  • Generator select popover on database view is now at feature parity with same popover in Table View.
  • Ability to manually mark columns as private
  • Columns with private data that are not protected are flagged as red (Database View only) and have a warning in the generator selector
  • tonic_worker now has a /health endpoint
  • Phone Number Generator supports integer columns
  • Differential Privacy warnings now show for Categorical Generator when being used on JSON and XML columns
  • Ability for user to provide their own secret to be used for encrypting both JWTs and database connection info
  • Ability to change password (under User Settings in the hamburger menu located on the right of the menu bar)
  • Preserved tables in MySQL are no longer copied into the preserve schema via SELECT INTO. Instead they are RENAME'd
  • No longer drop and restore primary keys and indexes in MySQL
Bug Fixes
  • Better support for 3 byte unicode characters when writing data to masked tables in Postgres
  • Fixed rare concurrency exception being thrown in progress tracker when jobs are running
  • Fixed malformed query in Sql Server which is used when subsetting
  • MySQL handling of character
  • Additional logging of MySQL index handling


Feb 19, 2020
  • Bulk operations on multiple tables in the Database View
  • Where clause in subset - in addition to a target %, you can now specify a custom where clause as the target for subsetting
  • URL Generator is more private
  • PII type is shown in Privacy Hub
  • Styling issues for Chrome and Firefox
  • Event Ordering defaults corrected
  • Columns with nothing put nulls gave bad data previews


Feb 11, 2020
  • Health Endpoints /health added for web server and PII detection server
  • Non-null values are no longer shown during data preview
  • Sort by column name in privacy hub
  • Ability to delete a workspace
  • Columns part of truncated tables are now labelled as such in the Database view
  • PII Detection now uses the Character Scramble on suspected phone numbers
  • Support for Noda time in PostgresSQL and throughout the product
  • Other columns no longer shows in the database view
  • Email Generator now has an excluded domain filter
  • Subset with Foreign Key Upload File
  • Database View UI rendering improvements
  • UI improvements for MySQL databases with 1000s of tables
  • Ability to process tables in parallel across all databases. This setting is controlled by the TONIC_TABLE_PARALLELISM environment variable
  • Faster reads from source database. This affects SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres and should see improvements for reads from the source database across the board
  • Optimization for SQL Server to improve writes
  • Better distribution of load to workers
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in XML generation for Postgres
  • Reduce rate of false positive when detecting zip codes
  • Subsetting now properly supports self-referential foreign keys
  • SQL Server uniqueidentifier columns now properly work with the UUID generator
  • Privacy hub has better styling for long column names
  • Fixed issues related to change of focus on Target % input on subset configuration page


Jan 2, 2020
  • Support consistency for the email generator on a unique column
  • Rename and consolidation of docker images. Please contact [email protected] before upgrading for a new docker-compose file
  • Massive refactor of subsetting, mostly behind the scenes. User facing improvements:
    • Support for all databases (not just Postgres and MySQL)
    • Heroku no longer requires a temporary database
    • Performance boost
  • Categorical generator now supports differential privacy (
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for certain unicode characters in table/schema names
  • Fix for character scramble on numerical columns
  • Several fixes for air gapped deployments
  • Significant performance improvements for the privacy scan


Dec 27, 2019
  • Suggested Generators now show privacy scan suggested generator when applicable
Bug Fixes
  • Better support for SSH Tunneling over private IPs


Nov 15, 2019
  • Generator improvements:
    • Email Generator can be used on columns with a unique constraint
    • Character scramble now supports consistency
    • Filename and Email generators make use of character scramble as opposed to character substitution (more secure). They both also now support consistency.
  • More improvements to PII Detection, specifically speed, resilience, and better name detection
  • Ability to duplicate workspaces (see screenshot below)
  • Show generators applied on column in bulk view when table is truncated
  • Support for SSH Bastion when connecting to source and output database
  • Added new ENV variable for controlling parallelism for MySQL generation
Duplicate Workspace
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bad description on FK Relationships upload help text
  • Fixed layout issue in Replacement Panel
  • Fixed issue with ICD10 PII detection
  • Fixed routing issues on Heroku
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