V757 - V804

A new entry is added each week, and contains the release notes for all of the Tonic versions that were released during that week.

V798 - V804

April 21, 2023

New PostgreSQL option to test the beta version of the new data generation process

Tonic is working on an improved version of the data generation process. The new process is designed to be more stable.

A beta version of this new process is available for you to try for PostgreSQL workspaces. On the Confirm Generation panel, to use the new data generation process, toggle Data Pipeline V2 to the on position.

Setting the baseline configuration for composite generators

For composite generators, from the column configuration panel, you can now update the baseline configuration of the generator preset, and reset the configuration to the current baseline. Note that you cannot configure generator presets for composite generators from the Generator Presets view, which does not have access to data to use to create path expressions.

Other updates

For Tonic data encryption, you can now configure different custom initialization vectors for encryption and decryption.

Workspace export and import now include columns that you manually marked as sensitive or not sensitive.

When you change or reset a user's Tonic password, Tonic now ends all of the existing Tonic sessions for that user.

Made the initial connection to databases more resilient to transient network issues.

Fixed a Privacy Hub issue where the sensitivity scan was shown as running when it was actually complete.

The SIN generator now masks all numeric values, and ignores other values. Previously, if the column contained non-numeric characters, the same value was applied to all of the rows.

Fixed an issue where on instances that do not use EC2 as the underlying server, workspaces created in versions 787 through 795 did not work correctly on versions 796 through 802. Issues included not being able to run data generation and not being able to view Table View. Those workspaces do work correctly as of version 803.

Fixed an issue where subsetting data generation might fail when there is a high degree of parallelism.

Amazon Redshift

  • Workspace views now load more quickly.


  • Fixed an issue where MongoDB failed to run jobs when a document contained a duplicate key.


  • Fixed an issue where entering an invalid connection URL caused the workspace settings page to not be able to load.

  • Workspace views now load more quickly.


  • For the Address and HIPAA Address generators, the list of address types now only includes types that are supported by Spark-based data connectors.

V792 - V797

April 14, 2023

Release 795 was removed from quay because of a regression that was fixed in later releases. The issue caused new and edited workspaces to be broken.

Fixed an issue where the job status on the Job History view occasionally claimed incorrectly that a job was over 50 years old.

Fixed an issue where the web server and worker fail to launch with StackOverflowException.


  • Updated how Tonic retrieves and writes to DDLs to ensure that the tasks are in the correct order.


  • For Amazon EMR and Spark workspaces, when the SerDe cannot be identified, Tonic now attempts to use the Glue table classification to determine the output file type.

  • Fixed an issue where Tonic incorrectly replaced the header row in output files with transformed data.

V782 - V791

April 7, 2023

Release 790 was removed from quay because of a regression that was fixed in later releases.

In Database View, when you select multiple columns that apply the same generator, you can now choose to reset all of those columns to the baseline configuration for the built-in generator preset.

Tonic Docker containers no longer run as root.

Added warnings when a generated value for a varchar column exceeds the column length.

Tonic now correctly identifies when the destination database details match the source database.

Fixed an issue with the container version check during data generation when TONIC_WEB_URL is set to a custom value that includes a trailing slash (/).

Fixed an issue where a removed WHERE clause for an upstream filter was interpreted as an empty value, which caused subsetting data generation to fail.

Improved the security of the Tonic web server by limiting connections to a more secure set of TLS protocols and ciphers.

Improved performance for the Alphanumeric Key generator.

Fixed an issue where the column details panel incorrectly indicated that Tonic data encryption was disabled.

Fixed an issue where sensitivity scan results sometimes changed the sensitivity of a column that was manually marked by a user.


  • Fixed a regression in performance.


  • Updated to automatically create a public schema if it is not present.

  • Improved handling of custom data types.


  • Reworked the Snowflake data generation to not drop schemas.

V765 - V781

March 31, 2023

The Workspaces view now correctly updates the available actions for a workspace when your role for the workspace changes.

The workspace search filter field is now cleared correctly after you select a workspace from or close the list.

Filters that are applied when navigating from Privacy Hub to Database View now differentiate between tables that had the same name but were in different schemas.

Fixed a display issue on Privacy Hub where elements did not display well on large screens.

On Database View, the Filter button for table modes is now highlighted when you change the table mode filter from its default state.

The Foreign Keys view and Table View now correctly find and display foreign key columns that refer to a primary key value from the same table.

Table View

  • Fixed an issue where an updated table filter did not display correctly until the page was refreshed.

  • When Preview is enabled, null values no longer prevent users from being able to assign generators.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate errors were displayed.


  • Clicking a table in Graph View no longer zooms in on the selected table.

  • For tables that contain no rows, the initial row count now shows 0 instead of NaNundefined.

  • When loading Subsetting view, Tonic no longer marks all of the tables as Out of Subset until the view finishes loading.

  • The subset size is no longer incorrectly displayed as 0.

Corrected the setting of job start and end times to be null instead of the epoch start time before the job starts or ends.

Foreign Keys

  • When a database contains multiple schemas, the Foreign Keys view now always shows the schema for each table. Previously, if the existing foreign keys were within a single schema, we did not display the schema name, only the table name.

  • Fixed an issue where certain user selections persisted when the user switched to a different workspace.

  • Improved the scrolling behavior.


  • For the JSON Mask generator, added Boolean to the available options for the Type Filter dropdown list. Type Filter identifies the types of values to apply a selected sub-generator to.

  • Improved validation of the Percent True configuration for the Random Boolean generator.

  • For the Regex Mask generator, improved handling of regular expressions that match empty strings.Fixed an issue where when the source database connection became invalid, users were not able to view the workspace configuration in order to correct the connection details.

  • The ObjectId Key generator is now called the Mongo ObjectId Key generator. It can be assigned to any text column that contains a 12-byte MongoDB object identifier value. Previously, it could only be used for ObjectId type fields in MongoDB databases. A new configuration option indicates whether to preserve the timestamp and increment counter portions of the object identifier, and only transform the random value portion.

For errors returned from SSO requests to Okta, we now display both the error and the error description, instead of only the error.

Improved performance for loading the job details view.

For webhooks, we now provide a built-in Content-Type header with a default value of application/json.

Upgraded libraries and clients to address security vulnerabilities.


  • The Regex Mask generator now identifies all of the matches when there are multiple regular expressions, and not just the first match.


  • Preserve Destination mode now works correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where escape characters in a query were not processed correctly, which caused the Subsetting view to not display.


  • Fixed an issue where subsetting generation failed with the error "stack depth limit exceeded".

V757 - V764

March 24, 2023

Fixed an issue where the column configuration panel on Privacy Hub incorrectly allowed users to change the configuration of foreign key columns.

The option to create a completely new workspace is no longer available from the workspace management view. You can only copy that workspace and create a child workspace. To create a completely new workspace, use the Create New Workspace option on the Workspaces view.

Fixed an issue where the generator for a column in a table that uses Scale mode could have a configuration option that is invalid for that mode.

Upgraded libraries to address security vulnerabilities.

Fixed an issue where when you applied the Random Timestamp generator to a column, a Bad format string error was returned.

Improved display of long table names in the table details panel on Subsetting view.


  • Introduced a new configuration to collapse child fields into a single field based on a regular expression, to reduce the size of the schema. TONIC_DOCUMENT_COLLAPSE_FIELDS_REGEX provides the regular expression to check the field keys against. TONIC_DOCUMENT_COLLAPSE_FIELDS_REGEX_THRESHOLD specifies the number of matching fields that causes the fields to be collapsed. A value of 0 indicates to not collapse the fields.

  • On Collection View, fixed an issue where toggling the data preview changed the frequency values for documents within documents.

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