V856 - V898

A new entry is added each week, and contains the release notes for all of the Tonic versions that were released during that week.

Releases V897 and V898 were removed from quay because of a regression.

V895 - V898

July 7, 2023

On Subsetting view, Graph View now displays a loading animation as new data is loaded.

Improved performance for the UUID Key and Integer Key generators.

File connector

  • Fixed an issue where files sometimes did not upload completely.

Google BigQuery

  • Improved performance of destination database writes during data generation.


  • Improved performance for destination database writes during data generation.


  • Improved error handling when the tablespace in the source database is missing from the destination database.

V887 - V894

June 30, 2023

File connector

The new file connector data connector allows you to use files from either Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or a local file system as the source data. The file connector supports .csv, .json, and .xml files. Within a file connector workspace, you create file groups. Each file group contains files that have an identical format and structure. A file group is treated as a table for the purposes of table mode and generator configuration. The file connector is available with the Professional and Enterprise license plans.

Generic O​​IDC SSO Support

Tonic now supports authentication using a generic OpenID connection.

Tonic API versioning

We have introduced a versioning scheme for the Tonic API. API versions are released more or less quarterly, with the version identifier in the format vYYYY.MM.P (Year.Month.Patch). The current release candidate (v.RC) contains API updates in progress.

You should now specify an API version in your API requests. The System Status tab of the Admin Panel lists the latest available version. You can also select the version to use when you do not provide a version in the request. If you do not provide an API version in a request or select a default API version, then until January 31, 2024, Tonic automatically uses the latest version. After January 31, 2024, Tonic will return an error from the request.

Other updates

Fixed an issue where Tonic incorrectly returned the error No Destination DB has been configured for this Workspace for workspaces that used Preserve Destination.

For subsetting Graph View, updated the default zoom level to allow users to see more of the graph.

The Keycloak SSO provider now supports PKCE challenge.

Fixed an issue where deep links did not work for SAML SSO.


  • For Mongo Queries, Tonic now can now use disk as well as memory.


  • Tonic now refreshes materialized views even when SKIP_CREATE_DB is set to true.


  • In the job progress steps, fixed an issue that caused the number of rows in a table to display as -1.

  • When the Data Pipeline V2 processing is enabled, tables are now processed by size, with larger tables processed first.

SQL Server

  • Fixed support for Kerberos authentication.


  • Added support for the UUID Key generator to Livy and Databricks workspaces that use Spark 2.3.x and above. Added support for the UUID Key generator to the Tonic Java SDK.

V877 - V886

June 23, 2023

The ASCII Key generator now includes an Exclude Lowercase Alphabet option to exclude lowercase letters from the destination values.

Fixed an issue that prevented free trial signups.

Data generation no longer fails when Tonic is unable to retrieve the destination database size.

Updated the FNR generator to prevent a possible leakage of PII.

Added a Date column to the usage report. The date column provides the date and time when the data generation job was completed.

Fixed an issue in the JSON Mask generator where it incorrectly changed the format of timestamps.

Subsetting is no longer prevented when a table that is not in the subset is assigned Preserve Destination mode.


  • On the workspace details view, you can now optionally specify the catalog where the source database is located. If you do not specify a catalog, then the default catalog is used.


  • Fixed an issue where the collection statistics failed because the statistics object became too large.

  • Updated to write collection records in batches.

  • Tonic now continues to retrieve documents after a failure.


  • Removed the uniqueness check for individual columns that are part of a composite index.


  • Fixed an issue where there was duplicated data from parent tables of inherited tables.

  • Improved performance for query to retrieve tables and columns.


  • Improved performance for data generation.

  • Updated how Tonic uploads files to Amazon S3 to reduce memory usage.

SQL Server

  • Fixed DNS resolution for Kerberos.

  • Fixed an issue where Kerberos authentication failed with an error that the destination array was not long enough.

V867 - V876

June 16, 2023

The new usage report summarizes the data processed for each table for data generation jobs. The report is a .csv file that you download from Tonic. To download the report, on the Admin Panel, click Download Usage Report.

When certain sensitive loggers are enabled, Tonic now disables log collection.

Fixed an issue on Database View where a column configuration panel would close unexpectedly.

For the TONIC_ADMINISTRATORS environment variable, you can now specify the names of SSO groups to grant administrator privileges to. Previously you could only specify user email addresses.

The Tonic SDK Javadoc now displays correctly.

Restored the ability to import a workspace configuration from Workspaces view.


  • Added support for the DBRef datatype.

  • Improved performance for collection management.


  • For the beta Data Pipeline V2 data generation, adjusted the logging level for telemetry-related log messages to DEBUG.

  • For the beta Data Pipeline v2 processing, improved parallel processing for constraints that cross tables.

  • For the beta Data Pipeline V2 process, reduced the default maximum number of source and destination connections to 8. These are set as the values of the TONIC_JOBFLOW_MAX_SOURCE_CONNECTIONS and TONIC_JOBFLOW_MAX_DESTINATION_CONNECTIONS environment variables. We recommend that you set each value to the number of CPUs on the corresponding database.


  • Fixed an issue where preserve destination tables were removed during data generation.

V856 - V866

June 9, 2023

​​The new FNR generator transforms Norwegian national identity numbers. The FNR generator was added in V857. It included options to specify a range of birthdates and preserve the indicated gender. In V866, removed the date range configuration options. The destination values are now always within the same date range as the source values. The FNR generator also now can be used for columns that have uniqueness constraints. The final digits in the destination value are not a valid checksum.

For the beta Data Pipeline V2 processing, fixed an issue where jobs would hang if they were canceled before the job started.

Fixed an issue where the Foreign Keys view would freeze.

Fixed an issue where when you typed @ to add a user mention to a comment, suggestions for the user did not display.

Upgraded to use .NET 7.

"Data science modeling" is changed to "data science mode".

When you configure the SSH tunnel settings for a workspace, Tonic now obscures the SSH passphrase.


  • Added a configuration to prevent Tonic from retrieving other information about collections when retrieving a collection list. Addresses an issue where retrieving the collection list took a very long time. To disable the retrieval of other collection information, set the environment variable TONIC_MONGO_DISABLE_COLLECTION_INFORMATION_FETCHING to false.

  • Fixed an issue with collection scanning that caused application pages to not load.

  • Collection scans are now able to continue when the scan for an individual collection fails. The job logs include warnings for each failed collection.

  • For collection scans, for each schema Tonic now limits the number of documents to scan and the length of time for the scan.


  • Tonic now uses the estimated row count from PostgreSQL statistics to determine the parallelism for a table. Customers should ensure that they have up-to-date statistics for their source tables, especially for large ones.


  • For source tables that are assigned Preserve Destination mode, Tonic no longer attempts to add existing constraints to the destination tables.

  • Fixed a syntax error in the post-generation processing.

  • Fixed an issue where data generation failed with the error "Unable to determine AWS Region".

  • Fixed an issue where preserve destination tables were removed during data generation.

SQL Server

  • During data generation, Tonic now warns users when a filegroup that exists in the source database does not exist in the destination database.

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