V952 - V1003

A new entry is added each week, and contains the release notes for all of the Tonic versions that were released during that week.

Releases V980 - V982 were removed from quay because of an issue that was fixed in later releases.

V993 - V1003

October 13, 2023

Logging and telemetry connection status - On the System Status tab of Tonic Settings, a new Data Sharing section provides a summary of the logging and telemetry connectivity to the Tonic backend. The new section indicates:

  • Whether sending logs and telemetry to Tonic.ai is enabled

  • If they are enabled, whether Tonic is able to connect in order to send the logs and telemetry

Other updates

Tonic now checks for invalid virtual foreign keys for all data generation. Previously it only ran the check for subsetting data generation.

Fixed an issue where the Continuous generator failed when a column contained only NULL values.

Improved performance for the Continuous Generator.

Fixed an issue where the Cell Count in the Usage Report could throw an integer overflow error.

Fixed a subsetting issue where Tonic displayed the error “Error fetching Subset preview” when users navigated to a workspace.

For subsetting, updated the Graph View display to make it easier to see the connections between the tables.

Improved messaging when Tonic cannot reach the database when you test a database connection.


  • On the workspace settings view, Test Cluster Connection no longer requires that you re-enter your API key.

  • On the workspace settings view, the default job cluster specification now recommends a Databricks 14.0 Spark version.

  • Databricks is now enabled for Professional and Enterprise users on Tonic Cloud, as well as for free trial users.

  • Fixed source catalog workspace handling when the source catalog contains a table with a key constraint.

  • Added a warning to the workspace settings view to prevent specifying the same source and destination locations.

File connector

  • Fixed the validation used to prevent duplicate files in Amazon S3 file groups.


  • Improved handling when the database does not contain a public schema.

  • Improved subsetting performance for the Data Pipeline V2 data generation process.

  • Improved performance for the Data Pipeline V2 data generation process.

SQL Server

  • Fixed how Tonic handles system time periods.

  • Improved messaging when Tonic cannot access SQL objects.

V985 - V992

October 6, 2023

The new TONIC_ENABLE_SECURE_COOKIES setting indicates whether to enable the "Secure" attribute on Tonic authorization and analytics cookies. The default value is false. Do not set this to true if you access Tonic over an HTTP connection. When TONIC_HTTPS_ONLY is set to true, the “Secure’” attribute is always enabled on Tonic authorization and analytics cookies, and the value of TONIC_ENABLE_SECURE_COOKIES is ignored.

Updated to prevent simultaneous updates to the same workspace configuration.

For the Constant generator, fixed an issue for JSON columns where setting the constant to an empty string caused data generation to fail without setting the job status to failed.

The upsert pre-job check that validates the constraints on the intermediate and destination databases no longer fails when a database has constraints with duplicate signatures.

Fixed an issue where an empty upstream filter WHERE clause caused subsetting to fail if the schema changed so that the table was no longer upstream.

To use the API to obtain data encryption settings, the API user must now have the required global permission.

When users log out of Tonic, we now automatically invalidate any JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) that are not expired.

The API endpoint /api/permission-sets now requires the ManageUserAccess (Manage user access to Tonic and to any workspace) permission. Added a new endpoint /api/permission-sets/public, which returns the subset of the data needed by users who do not have that permission.

Amazon EMR

  • Fixed an issue where when data generation was run from the SDK, some generators, including the Categorical generator, would not work.


  • You can now configure a Databricks workspace to write destination data to Databricks Delta tables.

File connector

  • On the file group details for CSV files, added configuration options to quote spaces and trim whitespace.

  • Fixed an issue where Tonic was not able to display a preview of extremely large files.


  • On the Collection View, the preview icon is now hidden for types that cannot be previewed.


  • For Data Pipeline V2 data generation, fixed an issue where we did not correctly truncate destination tables.

  • Fixed an upsert issue for tables that have generated identity columns.


  • For a Snowflake on AWS workspace, you can now provide specific AWS credentials for the file storage locations (S3 buckets or external stages).

  • The Snowflake data connectors are now available to Tonic Cloud users with a Professional or Enterprise license. They are not available to free trial users.

V977 - V984

September 29, 2023

New monthly pay-as-you-go plan on Tonic Cloud - Tonic now offers a pay-as-you-go subscription plan for Tonic Cloud. Free trial users are offered the option to use a credit card to purchase a pay-as-you-go license. The monthly subscription grants a Professional level license. With the pay-as-you-go plan, you can configure generators for up to 20 tables across all of your workspaces. Tonic bills you separately for each additional table that you configure. The license renews automatically each month. On Tonic Settings, a new Billing tab displays the next renewal date.

Data migration option for upsert - For upsert, Enterprise users can now connect a workspace to their own data migration script or tool to ensure that schema changes are automatically reflected in the intermediate database.

Other updates

Timestamp Shift is now the suggested generator for birthdate fields. Previously, the suggested generator was Random Timestamp.

Fixed an issue where editing workspace settings could cause you to be logged out.

File connector

  • On Tonic Cloud, you can now use Amazon S3 as a source of files. Previously, Tonic Cloud only supported Google Cloud Storage and uploaded local files.

  • For the Categorical generator, linked columns are now in the correct order.

Google BigQuery

  • Tonic now supports arrays of a supported type. The STRUCT and INTERVAL types are still not supported.


  • Fixed issue where a UI refresh was required in order to show automatic de-identification of foreign keys from de-identified primary keys.


  • The Download SqlLdr Files workspace permission is now assigned to the built-in Manager and Editor workspace permission sets.

  • Downloaded sqlldr files no longer include .bad files.


  • Fixed an upsert issue for tables that have generated identity columns.

SQL Server

  • The Constant generator can now handle bit values.

V972 - V976

September 22, 2023

New global permission to view organization users - A new global permission, View organization users, determines whether a user is able to see the lists of users and groups in the organization. This permission is required in order to use the Tonic application to grant access to and transfer ownership of a workspace, and to grant access to global permission sets. It is not required when you use the Tonic API to perform these tasks. The permission is granted to the built-in Admin, Admin (Environment), and General User permission sets. When you upgrade, Tonic automatically grants this permission to your custom global permission sets.

Other updates

On the workspace details view, added a new upsert processing option, Warn on Mismatched Constraints. When this is enabled, Tonic treats mismatched foreign key and unique constraints between the source and destination databases as warnings instead of errors, so that the upsert job does not fail.

Tonic now accepts all AWS RDS certificate authorities. Previously, we only accepted rds-ca-2019. The accepted certificates include:

  • rds-ca-rsa2048-g1

  • rds-ca-rsa4096-g1

  • rds-ca-ecc384-g1

When job log recording (used to download job logs from the Tonic application) fails, it no longer creates a recording retry loop.

File connector

  • Additional fixes to skip and log invalid rows instead of failing the data generation.

  • Fixed an issue where when you added a file to an existing file group, and any column name contained a leading or trailing space, Tonic incorrectly displayed a schema mismatch error.

  • You can now add .gzip files to a file group in a file connector workspace. The original file that was compressed must have the same format and structure as the other files in the file group. .gzip files are only supported for workspaces that use files from Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. They are not supported in workspaces that use local files.


  • During upsert, improved performance when de-conflicting unique constraints.

V965 - V971

September 15, 2023

Create virtual foreign keys from Subsetting view - On Subsetting view, from a table details panel, you can now add a virtual foreign key to that table. To add a virtual foreign key, you select the foreign key column from the current table, then select the primary key column from the other table.

Other updates

Fixed an issue with TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 support in Tonic.

Improved performance of downstream processing during subsetting.

Fixed an issue where subsetting failed when a composite foreign key included a Boolean value.

On Table View:

  • Added a column warning when the assigned generator fails to generate preview data.

  • Increased the default width of the preview data column.

File connector

  • Tonic now skips invalid CSV file rows and logs a warning instead of failing the entire file.

  • Added a warning when the same source file is added to multiple file groups in the same workspace.

  • Added JSON Mask and XML Mask as the recommended generators for JSON and XML files.


  • You can now assign the Conditional and Null generators to binary fields.


  • Fixed an issue where Tonic did not clean up temporary file uploads after it wrote the data.


  • For a data generation job that ran SQL Loader (sqlldr), if sqlldr either failed or succeeded with errors, the job details include an option to download the sqlldr log files.


  • Fixed an upsert issue where jobs failed with a unique constraint violation if the table contained a unique index but not a unique constraint.

  • During upsert, improved performance when de-conflicting unique constraints.

Snowflake on Azure

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when specifying the Azure Storage Account URL.

V961 - V964

September 8, 2023

Removed the requirement that the authentication cookie goes over HTTPS (Secure Cookie). This fixed an issue where users could no longer log into Tonic over HTTP, but they could still log in over HTTPS.

Fixed an issue where users could not log out of Tonic from the email confirmation page.

Fixed an issue where upsert failed because of foreign key violations. Also improved upsert performance.


  • When generator configurations are updated in single document view, Tonic now generates the preview data without re-fetching the data and refreshing the page.

  • Fixed an issue that caused fields to disappear from hybrid view when the Null generator was applied.

V952 - V960

September 1, 2023

In Table View, when a generator cannot be applied to a column in order to produce the preview data, the error message now includes the name of the column.

Expanded the table and collection dropdown lists to accommodate longer names.

The Privacy Report now marks a column as consistent when the generator is always consistent.

Fixed a migration issue with file connector files that were added before V920.

Fixed an issue where data generation could not run because of the permissions hierarchy.

Fixed a security issue related to JWT authentication.

Fix an issue where webhooks sometimes did not start when a job was canceled.

Improved error message when Tonic cannot display a date value.


  • For the Tonic Data Pipeline V2 processing, Tonic now stops job execution after the initial error.

  • Fixed an issue where check constraints failed to be applied in the destination database.

  • Fixed an issue where views that depend on both a table and a view at the same time were not created in the destination database.

  • Tonic no longer uses the TONIC_PAGE_PARALLELISM and TONIC_PARALLEL_READ_RANGES_TABLES environment variables for parallel processing.

SQL Server

  • Fixed a caching issue that occurred when connecting to SQL Server.

  • Improved error messaging when a view cannot be created.

  • Improved the readability of SMO error messages.

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