Tonic tutorial videos

Use these tutorial videos to learn more about how to use Tonic.

Tonic workflow overview

Provides an overview of the workflow to use Tonic to de-identify and synthesize your data..
Tutorial video: Tonic workflow overview

Creating a Tonic workspace

Provides an overview of what a Tonic workspace is and how to create a new Tonic workspace.
Tutorial video: Creating a Tonic workspace

Tonic generators overview

Identifies the types of generators and transformations that you can use in Tonic, and explains how to assign a generator to a column.
Tutorial video: Tonic generators overview

Generating data with consistency

Provides an overview of the consistency generator property and how it works.
Tutorial video: Generating data with consistency

Subsetting your data

Provides an overview of subsetting, how it is configured, and how Tonic uses the configuration to generate a subset.
Tutorial video: Subsetting your data
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