Post Job Scripts

Tonic has the ability to execute custom SQL scripts on the output database as soon as the Generate Data job has been completed. This section is where you can add those scripts. The scripts stored here will execute at the end of every job run from the workspace.

Current as v122
  1. Add a new post job script. This button will open a window for you to name the script and then supply the SQL commands.

  2. General information about existing scripts, including Name, last time the script was edited, and who edited the script.

  3. Options to edit or delete the post job script

Important Notes

  • Scripts will run in the order that they appear in the UI, from Top to Bottom

  • When working with MySQL, you must explicitly pass as USE statement to define the database

  • After entering your SQL scripts, before saving you have the option to "beautify" the script to make it easier to read: