Managing workspaces

A workspace contains all of the information required to generate a protected version of your data, including:
  • Connection details to your source and destination databases
  • The transformations that are applied to the source data, determined by the generator configuration.
  • The subsetting configurations
  • Snapshots of your schema for automatic schema change detection.
Each workspace represents a path for your data between a source and an output database of the same type. For example, postgres-prod-copy to postgres-staging.
A workspace is also the unit for which you run a data generation job and obtain a Privacy Report.
The Workspaces view displays the list of workspaces that you have access to. You can create and manage your workspaces. Tonic also provides an option to export and import the workspace configuration using a JSON format.
You can also grant access to your workspace to other users, to enable communication and collaboration.