Training a model

When you finish configuring the model, you can train it.

Running the training from the Djinn application

To train a model, either:
  • On the Models page, click the Train option for the model.
  • On the model details page, click Train Model.
To view a list of training jobs:
  • In the Djinn navigation panel, click Jobs. The Job History page lists the training jobs for all of the models in the workspace. To display the details for a job, click the job ID.
  • On the Models page, click the model row. The model details contains the list of training jobs that were run for that model. See Reviewing the training results.

Using code to train the model

You can also use the Tonic Python API to generate code to train the model.
The standard model library allows you to configure and train a model.
The reporting library allows you to assess the fidelity and privacy of a trained model.