V1104 - V1153

A new entry is added each week, and contains the release notes for all of the Tonic Structural versions that were released during that week.

V1149 - V1153

April 12, 2024

During the free trial, Structural now displays next step highlights to indicate the next recommended action. When you hover over the recommended action, Structural displays an explanatory tooltip.

A new environment setting, TONIC_DB_MAX_POOL_SIZE, sets the connection pool size for the Structural application database. The default value is 3.

Fixed an issue where the preview data in the JSON Mask generator editor did not respect the applied table filter.

File connector

  • For workspaces that connect to Amazon S3, you can now specify different credentials for the source and output locations.

  • For cloud storage workspaces, fixed a regression in Tonic v1146 where the file explorer sometimes displayed incorrect results and files could not be added.

  • You can now add Parquet files to a file connector file group, either from cloud storage or a local file system. You cannot select the following Parquet file types: HalfFloat, Struct, Union, Dictionary, Map, List, FixedSizeList, or arrays of any type. There also is no file preview for Parquet files.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of regex conditions in the conditional generator.

  • You can now select the UUID Key generator as a sub-generator when configuring a composite generator.


  • Fixed an issue where Preserve Destination tables sometimes were not preserved when data generation failed.

V1140 - V1148

April 5, 2024

Fixed an issue in Table View where characters were sometimes represented inaccurately. For example, a lowercase x would become a multiplication symbol.

Fixed an issue where data generation to Tonic Ephemeral Cloud failed with the error “Ephemeral URL not found”.

For a schema change that adds a new column, both the Schema Changes view and the API response now include the data type for the new column.

For the Structural free trial, Structural now displays a checklist for each workspace. There are slightly different checklists for database-based and file connector workspaces.

Added support to run Structural in dual-stack networks and IPv6-only network environments.

On the workspace details view, fixed an issue where an Ephemeral API key appeared to be populated when no value was provided.

Fixed an issue that caused data generation to Ephemeral to fail with “Ephemeral output must be configured”.

Fixed an issue where data generation to Ephemeral failed after a first successful run.

Amazon Redshift

  • You can now enable TLS for workspace data connections.


  • Fixed an authentication issue that prevented output from being written to an Ephemeral snapshot.

SQL Server

  • You can now configure a SQL Server workspace to write output to an Ephemeral snapshot.

V1134 - V1139

March 29, 2024

Writing output to a Tonic Ephemeral snapshot - For database types that Tonic Ephemeral supports (currently PostgreSQL and MySQL), you can now write the output to an Ephemeral user snapshot. This replaces the option to write the output to an Ephemeral database, except for workspaces in the Structural free trial. In Ephemeral, you can use the user snapshot to start new Ephemeral databases.

Other updates

For the UUID Key generator, added a new configuration option, Preserve Version and Variant. By default, the setting is turned off. When turned on, the version and variant bits from the source UUID are preserved in the output value. For the API, the new setting is preserveVersionAndVariant.

In the Tonic Structural free trial, the sample workspace now by default writes the output to a Tonic Ephemeral database.

Fixed an issue where vertical scrolling was sometimes blocked.

You can now configure the allowed SSL/TLS protocols and ciphers on the Tonic Web Server. To configure the protocols and ciphers, use the environment settings TONIC_WEB_SERVER_TLS_PROTOCOLS and TONIC_WEB_SERVER_TLS_CIPHERS.

File Connector

  • Data generation jobs no longer fail when they encounter a configured file group file that no longer exists in the source cloud storage location.

  • For local file workspaces, fixed a regression from Tonic v1136 where users could not upload additional local files into a file group.


  • Fixed an issue that caused generations to fail when documents contained empty arrays or document fields.


  • Improved job warnings around missing tablespaces in the destination database.

V1127 - V1133

March 22, 2024

The Structural API now includes endpoints to get and set the assigned table modes and table filters for a workspace.

Fixed an issue where the workspace audit trail displayed generator preset events that occurred before the workspace was created.

Fixed an issue where an error was returned when users tried to export selected files from a file group.

Improved error message when Structural cannot write output to Ephemeral because Ephemeral does not have a compatible base image for the database.


  • When a workspace is configured with an unsupported version of Databricks, the error message now suggests the supported Databricks versions.

  • Updated the default spark_version to 14.3.

Google BigQuery

  • Fixed an issue with applying some generators to numeric columns on large tables.


  • Fixed an issue where rows that contained NULL values in a VARCHAR2(1) column were dropped during data generation.

V1120 - V1126

March 15, 2024

Output to a Tonic Ephemeral database - Tonic Ephemeral is a separate Tonic.ai product that allows you to create temporary databases. On Tonic Cloud, for data connectors that Ephemeral supports (currently PostgreSQL and MySQL), you can configure the workspace to write the destination data to an Ephemeral database. This is the default option for data connectors that Ephemeral supports.

The database belongs to your Ephemeral account. If you do not already have an Ephemeral account, then Tonic automatically creates a two-week Ephemeral free trial account for you. The Tonic data generation job details provide access to the database connection details.

Free trial checklist - During the free trial, the sample workspace now includes a checklist to help users get through the required steps to complete their first data generation.

Other updates

Free trial users can no longer use a public email address to create an account.

Fixed an issue where password reset links lead to a blank page.

Fixed an issue where pay-as-you-go users would see the countdown for a free trial.

In the sample workspace, fixed an issue where a faulty destination database template caused an error when a user tried to update it.

Google BigQuery

  • Tonic can now de-identify snapshot tables.


  • For databases that use non-default database character sets, fixed an issue where rows that contained character data sometimes failed to be written to the destination database.

  • For databases that use non-default database character sets, fixed an issue where passthrough CLOB data types had extra bytes inserted when they were copied to the destination database.


  • If you do not use extensions, then the destination database no longer requires a super user.


  • Subsetting is now supported on Snowflake workspaces. The table filtering option is still available.

V1114 - V1119

March 8, 2024

You can now manually add selected environment settings to the Environment Settings list on Tonic Settings.

Improved the performance of data previews in the Tonic application.

For workspaces that write output data to a container repository, fixed an issue that prevented GAR credentials from being saved.

Google BigQuery

  • Improved performance for data preview.


  • The workspace configuration now includes a Trust Server Certificate option for the source and destination connections. When enabled, it indicates to bypass certificate revocation checks.

  • Data generation jobs are now more resilient when they encounter views that have dependencies that Tonic does not have permissions for.

  • Destination privileges can now exclude schema creation. If the user does not have schema creation permissions, then the schemas must already exist in the destination database.

SQL Server

  • The upsert function now supports tables that have identity columns but do not have primary keys.

V1107 - V1113

March 1, 2024

New Db2 for LUW data connector - Tonic now has a data connector for IBM Db2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows (Db2 for LUW). Tonic supports Db2 for LUW version 11.5. For more information, go to Db2 for LUW.

Other updates

When the AI Synthesizer is used in a workspace, Tonic now verifies before data generation that the AI Synthesizer does not use more than the maximum allowed categories.

Amazon EMR

  • Improved data generation performance when using Spark 2.4.0-3.2.x.


  • Fixed an issue in Databricks 11.3+ where a generator that was consistent on another column received modified input values if a generator was applied to the consistency column. Generators that are consistent on another column now correctly receive unmodified input values.

  • Improved data generation performance when using Spark 2.4.0-3.2.x.

Google BigQuery

  • You can now de-identify views, except for views that are written in Google Legacy SQL. On the workspace settings view, to enable de-identification of views, toggle De-identify Views to the on position. You can then assign table modes and generators to the views. In the table lists, views are identified by (view) after the view name. For each view, Tonic

    • Writes the de-identified data to a table called <view name>_tonic_table.

    • Creates a view that has the same name and metadata as the view in the source data, but is populated from the destination table.

  • Fixed an issue where Passthrough tables that had table constraints failed to copy to the destination database.

  • Fixed an issue where cloned tables did not appear in the Tonic application, but caused job failures. Cloned tables now display within Tonic and can be managed in the same way as any other table.


  • For Oracle 12, improved the schema remapping across multiple object types and configurations.

  • Fixed an issue where Tonic failed to copy database link objects that were configured using passwords. Tonic no longer processes database links. If required, users must manually create database links in the destination schema.

  • Fixed an issue where tables that contained computed columns dropped rows during data generation.


  • You can now assign the JSON Mask generator to Snowflake variant columns.

V1104 - V1106

February 23, 2024

Privacy Report PDF file

We added a new Privacy Report PDF that you can download from Privacy Hub and the job details view. The Privacy Report PDF contains a summary of the privacy ranking values, visualizations to summarize the workspace column privacy rankings based on the applied generators, and a summary table that contains the .csv Privacy Report data.

To accommodate the new file, on Privacy Hub and the job details page, the available downloads are combined into a Download menu.

Assigning recommended generators from Database View

On Database View, when an unprotected column has a recommended generator, the generator name tag now displays the type of sensitive data that was detected.

When you click the generator name tag, Tonic displays a panel that displays the sensitivity type, the recommended generator, and sample source and output data based on the recommended generator. The panel provides options to either apply or ignore the recommendation.

Other updates

Fixed an issue where changing the configuration of a generator preset did not accurately update the count of occurrences of the preset.


  • Fixed an issue with Oracle 12.1 and 12.2 where constraints that had an index creation statement failed to apply.

  • Tonic can now de-identify external tables. External tables display in the Tonic application and can be assigned table modes and generators. During data generation, external tables are created as relational tables in the destination schema.

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