V1154 - V1201

A new entry is added each week, and contains the release notes for all of the Tonic Structural versions that were released during that week.

V1198 - V1201

June 14, 2024

Sensitivity scans now detect name values more accurately.

Fixed an issue with certificate uploads for database settings.

Fixed an issue where the Structural application would hang after you created a workspace.

Shared logs are now transferred to an HTTPS endpoint instead of an Amazon S3 endpoint.

Amazon EMR

  • Fixed an issue where Table View filters and table filters reported all WHERE clauses as invalid.

Amazon Redshift

  • You can now configure a workspace to include or exclude specific schemas.


  • When you choose to write output to an Ephemeral snapshot, you can now provide a custom configuration file.

V1193 - V1197

June 7, 2024

Fixed an issue where sensitivity scans suggested generators based on substrings within a column name.

HTML is now removed from text in comment fields.

Fixed an issue where the XML Path generator did not work correctly.

A new environment setting, TONIC_SUBSETTING_CYCLE_BREAK_GREEDY_ALGORITHM, indicates whether to use a new, faster greedy algorithm to compute the required cycle breaks for subsetting. By default, the setting is false.

File connector

  • Fixed an issue with uploading .txt files for local file workspaces.

  • For CSV file groups, added an option to specify the encoding format of all files. If not specified, Structural attempts to detect the encoding automatically. When encoding cannot be determined, the automatic encoding detection now defaults to UTF-8 instead of windows-1252.


  • Added an API endpoint to retrieve all of the field paths in a database.


  • Writing output to a container repository now works with multiple database schemas.

  • Improved resilience to transient issues when copying tables.

  • Fixed an issue with delayed retries of failed file uploads during data generation.


  • You can now write output data from an Oracle workspace to a Tonic Ephemeral snapshot.


  • You can now provide connected app credentials in the workspace configuration. These fields are only displayed if the credentials are not configured in the TONIC_SALESFORCE_CONSUMER_KEY and TONIC_SALESFORCE_CONSUMER_SECRET environment settings.


  • Fixed a regression where ALTER statements were inappropriately run through the GetDdl flow.

V1190 - V1192

May 31, 2024

Improved the accuracy of name detection.


  • On Collection View, for hybrid view, added a Filters panel. For single view, you can now filter fields by value.


  • The Data Generation Pipeline v2 for Oracle now supports subsetting.

V1183 - V1189

May 24, 2024

Salesforce data connector - The Salesforce data connector is now available for self-hosted instances that have a Professional or Enterprise license. It is currently only available by request. To request access to the Salesforce data connector, contact Tonic.ai support.

Linking address columns for recommended generators - The recommended generators panel in Privacy Hub now indicates when address columns should be linked. The columns are displayed in groups. You then apply the recommended generators to all of the columns in the group, and the columns are automatically linked.

Other updates

Fixed an issue with subsetting. When processing upstream tables with nullable foreign keys that had no referenced key values to process, upstream filters were not applied.

Improved performance of the Conditional generator when using the IS IN operator.

The upsert option for workspaces is now out of beta.

Fixed an issue where the number of generators that are slow to compute was calculated incorrectly, which affected how we parallelized the generator processing.

The default value for the environment setting TONIC_ORACLE_DBLINK_ENABLED is changed to false. The plan is to eventually remove the feature.

Fixed an issue where the TONIC_DISABLE_IPV6 setting did not completely prevent services from binding to ipv6 addresses

When applied to a numeric type column, the SSN generator now by default generates values without hyphens.

Amazon EMR

  • Added support for the Iceberg framework in Glue, based on this information in the AWS documentation. If you use the Iceberg framework, then in the Spark Configuration section of the workspace details, make sure to add the following configurations: spark.sql.catalog.glue_catalog, .warehouse, .catalog-impl, and .io-impl.

File connector

  • Improved resilience to missing cloud files when configuring file groups, previewing data, and running generation jobs.


  • Fixed an issue with creating virtual foreign keys in MongoDB workspaces.


  • Improved the performance of the destination database teardown step for databases that have many partitions.


  • You can now use the Data Pipeline V2 process to run data generation for an Oracle workspace. The Confirm Generation panel includes a toggle to enable or disable the new process. Note that you cannot use the new process when subsetting is enabled.


  • Fixed a subsetting issue where extra downstream rows were included when no primary keys existed in the table relationship.

V1178 - V1182

May 17, 2024

Helm charts for deploying Structural to Kubernetes are now published at quay.io/tonicai/structural in addition to GitHub.

From the recommended generators panel on Privacy Hub, you can now enable or disable self-consistency for all columns within a sensitivity category.

Fixed an issue in Table View that sometimes caused the column order to be incorrect.

Added an environment variable TONIC_DISABLE_IPV6 to the PyML container. When set to true, the container no longer listens on IPv6 addresses.

File connector

  • Added support for Avro files.


  • Fixed an issue with validating subsetting target table WHERE clauses when the table or schema name contained special characters.


  • Added limited support for ltree columns on versions older than 1.2. For tables where all columns are assigned the Passthrough generator, Structural copies the ltree data from the source database to the destination database. In tables that are de-identified, ltree columns are nullified in the destination database. If an ltree column is not nullable, then all of the columns in the table must be assigned the Passthrough generator.


  • Added support for date and time columns that have a seconds precision of 0.

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect credentials were used when using separate source and destination buckets and credentials for Amazon S3.

SQL Server

  • Fixed an issue introduced in v1178 where XML columns might be persisted as nvarchar columns in the destination database.

V1172 - V1177

May 10, 2024

From the recommended generators panel on Privacy Hub, you can now enable or disable self-consistency for each column.

When you create a virtual foreign key, the nullability of the foreign key is now determined by the nullability of the foreign key column.

On Privacy Hub and the job details view, changed the label on the Download option to Reports and Logs.

Db2 for LUW

  • Subsetting is now supported.


  • Fixed an issue where data generation failed when object identifiers included symbol characters.


  • Workspaces with PostgreSQL 16 databases can now write output to a container repository.

V1167 - V1171

May 3, 2024

Sending telemetry to Tonic.ai is now required and enforced. After 5 days of failed telemetry connections, a warning displays. If the connection issue persists for 15 days, data generation is restricted. To learn more about the telemetry information that is sent to Tonic.ai, go to Data that Tonic.ai collects.

Structural Cloud users can now reset their passwords from the login page. To reset your password, click Forgot your password?.

You can now set the TONIC_POSTGRES_REFRESH_MATERIALIZED_VIEWS environment setting from the Environment Settings tab on Tonic Settings.

File connector

  • Added support for AWS C2S Secret Regions.

SQL Server

  • Improved the upsert logic to prevent jobs from hanging.

V1162 - V1166

April 26, 2024

Added a new API endpoint to resolve all schema changes in a workspace. You can choose whether to resolve only conflicting changes, only notifications, or all of the schema changes.

Fixed an issue that caused the Tonic Structural PyML Service to be unreachable in IPV4-only containers.

Added a new conflicting schema change when a column that has an assigned generator becomes a foreign key. Foreign key columns must inherit the generator from the primary key.

Structural can now generate data with subsetting when a primary key table is truncated, as long as the foreign keys that reference the primary key are nullable.

Amazon Redshift

  • Added support to pass through varbyte, geometry, and hllsketch types.

File connector

  • For CSV, XML, and JSON files, fixed issues with the data preview in Database View and Table View. The preview no longer includes extra rows, and the preview now correctly reflects the Skip first N rows setting.

  • Fixed the validation of file groups that only contained compressed files.


  • For subsetting, added support for virtual foreign keys.

SQL Server

  • Fixed an issue that caused data generations to fail for versions of SQL Server older than SQL Server 2016.

V1154 - V1161

April 19, 2024

For the notifications image, replaced alpine with ubuntu.

File connector

  • For a local files workspace, the job details view for a successful data generation now includes an option to download the transformed files that were produced by that job.

  • For workspaces that use files from cloud storage, you can now include prefix patterns in the file group definition. You can also provide file extension filters. The file group then includes all of the files that match a prefix pattern and the file extension filters. The file group details now include the content type, file extension filter, and prefix patterns.

  • For cloud storage workspaces, users who do not have permission to view all buckets can once again specify the bucket to view.

  • For cloud storage workspaces, added a configuration option to only process new files during data generation. For existing file groups, the new configuration is off by default. For new file groups, the configuration is enabled by default.


  • Fixed an issue where environment setting updates from the UI required a restart to take effect.


  • For a workspace that is configured to write output to Ephemeral, you can now provide a custom configuration file.


  • Fixed an issue where the Subsetting tab disappeared after you edited a workspace.

SQL Server

  • For versions 2017, 2019, and 2022, you can now configure workspaces to write output to a container repository.

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