The Jobs tab shows a history of all data generations associated with this workspace as well as any active jobs running, or queued to run.

Job History

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    There are 5 primary job statuses: Running, Completed, Failed, Queued, and Canceled. For each of these a related warning status is also possible: Running with warnings, Completed with warnings, Failed with warnings, Queued with warnings, and Canceled with warnings. The warning status is returned for a job if that job has had at least 1 warning at the time of request.
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    You can cancel an active job by clicking on the X button
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    Every Running, Completed, Failed, and Canceled job has a Details view that displays progress and error messages.

Job Details

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    Job status report, including progress indicators. Errors and warnings will appear at the top.
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    Up to 1MB of raw debug logs. Tonic engineers may request these logs to diagnose issues that arise during generation.
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