2.0.0 - 2.5.0



  • A handful of generators now support a notion of consistency across the database. In short, when consistency is turned on for a specific generator, the same input column will map to the same output column across an entire database (where it's turned on). Consistency can also be used to preserve the carnality of the source dataset in the generated data.

  • We now use row count instead of scale factor for synthesizing data

  • Synthesize mode now supports starting with a table that's empty

  • Better handling of DateTimeOffset data type in Sql Server

  • Added hostname generator

  • Re-factored of how generators are executed during data generation

  • We now show a tutorial video the first time a user logs in

  • Renamed Table Mode 'Excluded' to 'Truncated'

  • Build scripts now build win10-x64 assets

  • Changed the (!) failure icon in the jobs dropdown to a button so it's more obvious

  • UI and server versions now show when you click on the Tonic logo

  • CSVs with headers now map to column names

Bug Fixes

  • No long require a file to exist for the google_application_credentials env variable

  • Couldn't generate data if we used the MAC address generator with colons

  • Support for MySQL datetimes with 0000-00-00 00:00:00


  • Improved onboarding experience for first time users

  • Dropped walkthrough tutorial from 2.3.0

  • Renamed platform from Allos to Tonic

  • Additional support for date fields

    • Added Random Timestamp generator

    • Added Event generator

  • Partitioning for select generators (behind a feature flag) - contact support@tonic.ai if you want to try this feature


  • Added walkthrough tutorial and demo dataset for new users

  • IP Generator now uses 100% IPv4 by default

  • Fixed bad UX with Min/Max in Random Integer generator

  • Improved Gaussian Generator performance

  • Added user menu

  • The distribution of nulls in the source dataset is now persisted in transformed columns in the generated dataset

  • Added SSN Generator

  • Improved Address Generator (Zip-> City->State hierarchy preserved when columns using the address generator are linked)


  • Support for CSV files as a datasource

  • Support for arrays in Postgres

  • Improved PII detection

  • Support for Postgres databases that don’t have passwords

  • Renamed several generators

    • Categorical —> Shuffle

    • Random String —> Hash

    • String Mask —> Character Substitution

    • Text Mask —> Text Scramble

  • Added generator description callouts



  • Support for MySQL as a datasource

  • Synthesized Mode (beta) - in addition to masking, you can now synthesize any number of rows in a table while preserving foreign key relationships

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